75 conn.s.e.hi-line 2.0 c.d.t.i.

Extremely comfortable,well performing, great looking car!

135 words, UK and Ireland

75 20 CDTI

Nice car, to drive and to look at... so long as you don't mind it breaking down

141 words, UK and Ireland, 1 comment

75 cdti tourer club SE 2.0 cdti


72 words, UK and Ireland

75 CDTi Connoisseur 2.0 turbo diesel

It looks, feels and drives like a car costing twice the price

72 words, UK and Ireland, 4 comments

75 cdti 2.0 turbo diesel

Air conditioning unsatisfactory

30 words, UK and Ireland

75 Conoisseur Tourer 1.8 petrol turbo

Brisk performance for a big car with a small engine

284 words, UK and Ireland

75 CDTIC Tourer 2.0 diesel

As close to perfection as one can get

228 words, UK and Ireland