9th Apr 2006, 03:41

Bought Rover 75 recently very pleased with it in all respects maybe a bit heavy on the gas - then kept on overheating sporadically, eventually diagnosed as head gasket problem - have read about small water tank and not sure if I contributed to the problem!

Car has only done 50k miles so couldn't believe when told that this is a common problem with Rover 75 even at this mileage!

Have had 2 Rovers, both had problems so am put off Rovers for life!

3rd May 2006, 16:52

Desperate for a fix. 2004 Rover 75,000 ks. Fuel pump pops out and the car won't start! Mechanic pulls out the back seat to fix. Costing a fortune. Help.

30th Jul 2006, 16:39

I too have a problem with 2.5 V6 75 engine. The vehicle uses a pint of coolant every week, regardless of journeys. I have to date removed and replaced a thermostat, although it checked out OK.

Removed radiator, flow tested (failed) removed plastic header tank to confirm that lower tubes were partially blocked.

Removed cylinder heads, pressure checked, replaced rear head as small crack was found, whilst replacing cam belts replaced water pump as matter of course, checked liners for cracks and heights.

Replaced all gaskets.

Removed all hoses and replaced, checked inlet manifold for cracks and coolant pipe blockage.

Removed heater matrix and flushed, still uses pint of coolant every week.!!!

Pressure tested system to 20 psi no leaks. Rubbish!!!

Robinson (Suffolk)

15th Nov 2007, 22:39

Hi guys. I also just got me a 2002 Rover 75 2.5 V6. I see the car swallows coolant like crazy. Do I refill the car with normal water, or like in the book it says a mix of water and ethylene glycol based anti freeze? And that is ethylene glycol based anti freeze?

Oh and one more thing, does anyone have a GPS navigation thingie built into their Rover 75 using the cars in-dash display (the display that shows trip information and warning lights?), instead of a fitted navigation thingie on the dash like the Garmin? I think the original was the Trafficmaster system (no south african maps, not existent in South Africa).

Thanks for any advice

Silas (Johannesburg, South Africa)

16th Nov 2007, 06:43

Sell it. Quickly.

31st Mar 2008, 02:48

I just had a steering pump fitted, do they do anything with any water pipes has since I've had it back I have a small water leak under neath the car. i have a rover 75, 18.

1st Aug 2008, 17:42

The 75 series has inherited the 800 series probs with heater matrix, coolant, water and pipe probs from the comments stated here.

30th Aug 2008, 14:05

I've got a Rover 75 2002 model. I want to say that I had never driven a car like this special car before (I've also had a BMW 528i, Buick Park Avenue, and Volvo S80).

Thanks with regards.

Omar Khedher (Dubai).

31st Aug 2008, 12:19

If the 75 is such a great car why do so many of them over heat.

13th Nov 2008, 10:53

These cars do have certain weak points, as ALL cars do. The thermostat housing and water pump are the usual suspects for coolant loss. If you are losing coolant, have this checked and sorted straight away to avoid a hefty repair bill later on.

Modern Rovers are no different to other cars. With the correct attention and maintenance they will last a long time.

You wouldn't wait to be on the brink of death before consulting a doctor... why would your attitude to your car be any different?

I have a 2001 2.0l V6 with 145K miles and it is still running beautifully.


14th Nov 2008, 17:09

It is ridiculous to have to check water on a daily basis; it's the 21st Century, the 75 doesn't run on steam although it does produce a lot whilst overheating and blowing head gaskets.

24th Nov 2008, 03:44

The Rover K Series engine is rubbish, especially the 1.8, which is far to slow for the big heavy 75 car.

Dodgy clutches are common, dodgy fuel pump common, dodgy fuel filter assembly, which comes apart hence the engine won't start - common problem.

The ECU, also called the brain, is fitted in the bulkhead above a water drain hole; yes, a drain hole LOL. If the hole gets blocked, and it does, the ECU gets water damaged; that's about 800 to repair. Luckily I knew about this and unblocked mine before it caused damage.

Foor cards fall off; a common problem.

Mine has 40k on the clock and luckily the head gasket hasn't blown yet, but all of the above has been an issue.

Oh, and I have a whine noise from engine when it heats up that no one can sort out.

No wonder Rover went bust.

24th Aug 2009, 05:13

After reading this lot I am definitely not buying a 75. I live in southern Spain, but always buy cheap cars from the UK (as they are fraction of the cost of here). Generally spend about £500-£1000 and can see the 75 well into that range now. However also in the same range I could get a Mondeo - bullet proof reliable, wouldn't think twice about jumping in one and driving 2000 miles back here. Certainly I don't want something which has head gasket woes which the 75 appears to (just like the Rover 200 I had years ago and various Montego's and Meastros before that!)

9th Feb 2012, 16:26

The 75 is a lovely car, but does seem to have more common problems than most. The diesel is probably the more reliable model, and doesn't have the water-loss issues.

26th May 2012, 12:42

I am no expert, but think the same thing occurred on mine; wasted lots of effort first with the AA & a tow. There's something under the rear near side seat associated with the fuel pump, which is prone to wiggling apart. It ain't broken; just needs re-joining. Apparently there's a cheap clip you can purchase to prevent this. Try a Google search for the detail, thanks to helpful forums.

31st Jul 2015, 23:41

I have used 2 Rovers, the 800 V6 and 45 V6, for the past 9 years in Nigeria. They are really excellent cars.

I discovered the solution to the thermostat and overheating problem as follows:

Just buy a new thermostat. Before installing it, use a very hot soldering iron or RED HOT metal to seal the joints all the way round, reinforcing it. Then cover the joints all the way round with FIBERGLASS MATT AND RESIN, which will also permanently reinforce the joint and hold it in place. I discovered that this treatment enables the thermostat to last for 2 and a half to 3 years before changing the thermostat.

21st Sep 2017, 06:25

Hmmm, I have a 2003 Connoisseur SE that as of yesterday is flashing engine overheating & the temperature gauge shooting through to a worrying red zone.

On the plus side, I guess if this is a common problem then I'm going to find a solution around here pretty quickly...

21st Sep 2017, 14:17

You could try a Rover/MG forum for a quicker response to a particular problem. This site does not really work like a modern social network in regards to commenters or reviewers getting notifications of replies, unless they remember to subscribe to the RSS Feed.

Overheating is a relatively simple problem to diagnose on any car, maybe just a thermostat or something, hopefully you get it sorted cheaply, good luck.