1977 Rover - Austin Allegro 1.5 from Australia and New Zealand


An awful British car


Where do I start? It ran OK for the first few weeks, then the fun began.

The brake seals blew as I was slowing down at an intersection, causing me to crash into the back of a brand new Toyota Corolla; cost $1200.00 NZ.

The electrics shorted out on a regular basis, various parts came and went, and the transmission slipped. The handling was truly awful.

General Comments:

This was the worst car that was built by British Leyland; the handling was bad, and the reliability was bad.

The funny thing about it was that the engine was great; it never quit, but everything that was connected to it did.

It was a typical British car; if something died on it, at least 6 different parts went out in sympathy. The worst car I have ever owned.

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Review Date: 21st June, 2008

1975 Rover - Austin Allegro 1300 Super 1.3 petrol from UK and Ireland


So much better than it was been condemned


Heater failed after 63,000 miles.

Brake cable snapped after 70,000 miles.

Radio packed up after 76,000 miles.

Underside of car was becoming rusty just before I sold it.

General Comments:

Generally reliable considering its age and high mileage.

Apart from rust later on, the Allegro was a very well built car.

The windscreen never popped out when it was jacked up!

It could be towed out of the Mersey Tunnel without snapping in half! (That was when the brake cable snapped)

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Review Date: 27th February, 2006

1979 Rover - Austin Allegro SUPER 1.5 from UK and Ireland


Great car


The radiator started to leak as soon as I picked the car up.

The clutch decided that it would wear out.

The brake master cylinder gave up at around 47,000 miles.

Lots of rust.

General Comments:

The Allegro was a great little car despite the problems.

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Review Date: 21st July, 2005

21st Jul 2005, 09:43

Based on what I read, I don't really understand why it's a great little car. Please explain.

29th Jul 2005, 08:54

My dad owned an Allegro 1275 "Super" estate for a short time when we were kids. The car had a genuine 30k on the clock, but burned more oil than petrol, leaked what it didn't burn, and was slower off the mark than a mortally wounded snail.

That said, it never broke down!

5th Sep 2005, 08:35

The car had problems, but as seen as I had it for free off a friend I can hardly complain.

The mot was not on the car for long hence the small miles I did in it.

For the time in which I used the car it never broke down and always got me to work on time. The parts I replaced came from a spare Allegro so I spent very little money.

I do not believe that the Allegro is a bad car, and I stick by that.

1979 Rover - Austin Allegro Vanden Plas 1.5 from UK and Ireland


Lovely car, but needs attention to keep it going


The CV joints start to knock at 2,500 and need replacing at 5,000.

The gearbox is a skill to use and the steering is only decent for a weight lifter!

Rust is reasonable if controlled, but once out of hand the car falls apart around you.

The only real problem is the suspension. The common faults are cured with skill and TLC. "Hydra-gas" or "Hydro-elastic" suspension is standard and finding somewhere to pump it up is a nightmare and it always goes down!

Keep your ball joints greased and you'll save a lot of money!

General Comments:

The car drives well, but does tend to need a skillful hand for a smooth ride. Double-d-clutching up and down the box is essential in some!

Very cheap to run. More is spent on oil than petrol.

If looked after they can be very nice cars. If not, they're prone to fail at least once a week.

Stay away from the automatics, they're useless!

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Review Date: 16th September, 2004

10th Dec 2005, 08:16

Your right about the automatic transmission. My parents had one of these Vanden Plas versions of the Allegro in New Zealand in the 1980's (after owning a manual Allegro) and the auto needed to be overhauled twice. They traded it on a 1981 Honda Accord which proved to be somewhat more reliable, til rust killed it too. I don't know if the Vanden Plas version of the Allegro was officially sold in NZ or not as ours was the only one I ever saw. Bit hard not to notice with all the chrome and driving lights.