5th Apr 2006, 18:10

Really wish we had read this before we purchased our new City Rover. Only bought the car 3 months ago. This is he fourth time it as been in the garage. Engine cuts out without warning. Really scary when you're travelling on the motorway with a young family. Unable to repair the fault so far and wish we had never purchased it. Ours is unsafe!

19th Sep 2006, 21:21

No, if you read the review, this was a BRAND NEW car. You shouldn't have to take a mechanic along if you are buying a car fresh from the factory. That's why they have things called warranties on new cars.

19th Oct 2006, 03:48

Purchased my city rover select on 1st April 2006. First took it back for over revving - no-one could find fault, then within 4 weeks over ownership gear box went. New one fitted then sprung two oil leaks. Then was it wouldn't start, was told immobiliser not working, charged £152 to have key fobs re-programmed. Then it wouldn't go into gear and failing to start again. Took it back to have oil leaks sorted and was told it was due to head gasket having gone. When finally got car back after 7/8 weeks maintenance for: leaks, gasket, non-start (which apparently was 'bump started' so not key fobs after all) and gearbox fixing, found reverse lights and fog lights not working. Took it back in, new switches fitted - then guess what - it wouldn't go into gear again. So I told them to stick it and am currently waiting for garage to sort another vehicle out.

8th Nov 2006, 16:46

If one makes the purchase of buying a new car, it is only correct they should be very displeased if it falls apart and has countless faults with equipment that should function. After all it is their hard earned cash that has been forfeited in such a situation.

If I was in a similar situation, I would extremely dissatisfied with the purchase.

You buy a new car, you expect a quality product and not a liability.

22nd Sep 2007, 14:19

Without wishing to be offensive I suggest that the disappointed owners head over to their local newsagents. Here they will find numerous publications listing used cars for sale - many of which will be cheaper than said Cityrover.

The Tata Indicar, as the Cityrover is correctly known, should never have been imported to Britain and is a disgusting stain on the corpse of a once great marque.

See the light! You don't have to buy new; in fact you will always be far worse off. I've never spent over £1000 on a car, and have never had any problems. There's no shame in having last century's (and in my case well into last century's) registration letter sitting upon one's driveway.

23rd Oct 2007, 16:43

I have read all the above feedback. All these problems are down to poor workmanship.

I purchased my City Rover Style in July this year and have had no problems with it. It's very cheap to run, gets me to where I want go. Can't complain for a secondhand 54 plated car which you can buy at a real cheap price!

14th Nov 2007, 03:16

Just purchased 04 plate Rover City Style. I agree it has everything you want ie air con, elecric windows etc. I also now have problems with 1st and 2nd gear, it only happens approx 3 times a month. I spoke to the previous owner who also had same problem, the garage had it 4 days and could not find anything wrong, so as this seems a common fault. Rover should recall these models to check them out, don't you agree.

10th Aug 2008, 11:29

"14th Nov 2007, 03:16

Just purchased 04 plate Rover City Style... Rover should recall these models to check them out, don't you agree"

Rover went bust in 2005. How would they recall these models if Rover are not in business anymore?

17th Jun 2009, 12:48

I bought a 2004 City Rover secondhand 18 months ago, thought I was getting a bargain as it only had 17,000 on the clock, but I have had to have the air con repaired, a new clutch fitted, new wheel bearing, the car smells of petrol fumes inside the car all the time. And the engine now leaks oil everywhere, suffers from loss of power. I bought it £1900, which was a bargain price, but the garage won't even take it in part exchange, so probably have to pay someone to tow away, and it's only got 21,600 on the clock now. Heap of junk, avoid at all costs.

13th Nov 2009, 03:50

Hi all.

I've just bought a CityRover last weekend and am already experiencing problems (yes, in under a week!!) My petrol gauge is showing only 3 quarters full when I have filled it to the brim?

An hour after I drove it off the dealer's forecourt, the engine light came on (not fluid or oil levels as these were checked before we purchased).

Main problem though is that it will not start in the mornings (or after I finish work). I can sit there for 15 minutes some days just trying to get it to tick over. It's a 2004 Sprite model with only 50,000 miles on the clock. I paid £1,400 and thought I was getting a bargain! I'm only a young girl (20) and now really concerned that I'm going to get stranded somewhere in the cold and dark with this heap of crap.

When I went to the garage last week, I only wanted to spend £1000, but I decided to spend the extra £400 (may not sound a lot but it really is to me!) because I thought that a 2004 car would be a lot more reliable. Plus it sounded like a bargain. "Cheapest 04 in the country" I was told!

I have always owned cars that are old and cheap, and end up costing me more than they are worth in the long run. I just wanted a newer car that I didn't have to worry about for a while. I don't seem to have achieved that. It's a shame cause I really like the car - it's nippy, quick and the steering is effortless. It seems to glide on the road. The amount of space inside is incredible especially from looking at it from the outside. I thought I had stepped into the Tardis!! I like the outside of the car as its more boxy.

I'm 20 so am limited to smaller cars due to insurance, but I'm so fed up of driving girly bubbles like the KA and Fiestas, that a more square car was really appealing to me. Plus I really like the Puntos, which this reminds me of.

Anyway, I don't really know what to do now - I haven't had any problems with gears or loss of power, but don't really want to keep it if those problems are inevitable. I'm taking it back to the garage on Saturday (exactly a week) for them to have a look at it, but may push for a refund or exchange if it's going to be nothing but problems??? Advice please!! HELP!!

Lauren x.

22nd Jan 2010, 22:10

My sister has had a CityRover for a few years now. There were no problem, but now I'm getting electric sparks from the top of the distributor cap, and the check engine light comes on all the time; it feels like driving a washing machine on spin cycle.