2000 Rover - Austin Mini Cooper Sport 1.3 mpi from UK and Ireland


A little car crammed full of fun


When the accelerator is half open, a rattling noise can be heard over the top of the engine noise, but then fades away slowly. NO IDEA WHAT IT IS!

Inaccurate fuel gauge, after filling to full from empty, the gauge never seems to show that the tank is completely full. Also when the gauge indicated that there is no fuel left, you have approx. a fivers worth still left to burn.

Compared to other minis, my mini may be described as being in 'immaculate' condition, with only slight rust located in the weldings below the main headlights. Tried to get it repaired/touched up, however the rust just continues to come back.

After picking up the car from a private sale in Glasgow, the long drive back to Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, however being very smooth proved to be quite tiring on the 'behind' (bottom). With a rest and a cup of service station coffee, the remainder of the trip proved to be very enjoyable.

General Comments:

This is a fantastic car, which unlike many new cars will not de-value much or at all. Unfortunatly it is a much wanted car that everyone wants to have, but no-one wants to maintain or keep. I really can't complain much, I have found my match and I love it. Just need to give it a name now!

My Rover mini cooper, built in late 2000, was one of the last in the production line to be built. With many problems within the earlier mini models, many of the problems in the later models (2000-2001) have many basic/major faults rectified, proving a less trouble free car to look after.

With loads of extras thrown into the car such as leather seats (silver centre and black leather surrounds in mine), alloy dashboard. Externally it has the sports-pack arches, stainless steel exhaust, customized front stripes (matching roof colour) (usually silver on cooper sports) etc, combined with the general classy look of the mini. IT REALLY IS A BABE MAGNET!!

As you drive about enjoying the fun ride, passers by of all ages look admiringly at your small 4 wheeler. Its just like having a Ferrari, however without similar power. Shame!

Parked up on my drive, random people passing by always come up to or talk to me and look at the car. Walkers by in the street just admire its superb body shape.

Other Mini drivers wave or flash their lights to say hello, and occasionally if you're parked up, random mini drivers will drive upto you, either to also look at and admire your car or to ask how your doing. Its as if your in a club or something, and everyone knows you.

The mini can offer genuine fun and can make anyone smile - especially when theres no need to slow down on those corners, its incredible handling makes it excellent to drive, even though none of the Rover mini's produced included power steering.

With its quite good power and acceleration for its engine, theres no problem when shooting away from those lights or trying to out-accelerate the modern hatches (corsa's or Peugeots etc).

The Rover mini, completely free from the new mini BMW parts proves very easy to find replacement parts, at a low price.

In conclusion the Rover Mini Cooper Sports 1.3 is a must have and ideal if you are thinking of an investment, holding there value extremely well, with almost a negligible depreciation rate.

Buy a Rover or Austin Mini, forget your new or second hand modern cars with additional comforts such as Air Conditioning. The mini is part of Britain's heritage and is determined to remain an icon for many years to come.

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Review Date: 19th May, 2004

26th Aug 2005, 08:55

I own a W-reg Solar Red Rover Mini Cooper Sport 1.3, and it is undoubtedly fun to drive and cheap to run. It gets loads of admiring glances from people when I'm driving around.

I also get a lot of comments from people saying how well looked after it looks, which I always find amusing due to the fact that although it looks very clean and polished.. it actually has quite a few rust spots which are increasingly difficult to keep on top of!.The car is frequently washed and polished, but the rust just keeps on appearing here, there and everywhere!

The paintwork is very poor on these late production Minis, It appears.. on my car at least, that some of the paint has even been sprayed straight onto bare metal in places!

For a very well looked after car of only 5 years old, it shouldn't really be throwing up the amount of rust that I'm constantly struggling against! However, other than the poor bodywork, I'd definitely recommend anyone to own a Mini, because apart from a few faults, they are one of the cheapest, fun cars to own... ever!

2000 Rover - Austin Mini Cooper Sport 1.3mpi from UK and Ireland


A timeless classic - it can't be beat !!


Crunching reverse gear.

Lumpy tick-over.

Loose suspension fixings.

Jammed throttle pedal.

Inaccurate fuel gauge.

Wide wheels tramline.

Corrosion on brightwork.

Dealer apathy.

General Comments:

Despite early teething problems, fantastic car. Love it.

Last of line model with lots of extra bits - leather seats, ally dash, sports-pack arches, big exhaust, etc.

Gets admiring looks from all ages.

People always coming up to talk to me and look at the car.

Genuine fun - can't stop smiling!!

Other Mini drivers flash their lights to say hello.

100% free of BMW parts.

Get a life - get a Mini.

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Review Date: 9th February, 2002