2000 Rover - Austin Mini Cooper Sport 1.3i from UK and Ireland


A bargain priced pocket rocket!


The day after received the car I noticed a puddle of oil on the floor underneath it, when I opened the bonnet I found there was no dipstick and an engine covered in oil.

On the chrome headlamp surrounds, rust had already started to appear.

Still in the same week, I noticed there was damage on the rear. It had been driven into something and had had the scratches touched in with the wrong colour!

Eats tyres for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. A front set of tyres would on average last about 1500 miles.

Passenger sun visor kept on falling down.

General Comments:

I just could not stop smiling every time I went around a corner.

If you're over 6ft then it isn't a very comfortable ride.

Excellent miles per gallon, Even with a very heavy right foot I could still get 43 miles per gallon.

Which other car gives you leather interior and a wood dashboard for under 9 Thousand pounds?

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Review Date: 17th June, 2001

8th Oct 2002, 05:24

The missing dipstick and poor touch up job do not relate to the car,more to the dealer it was purchased from.

18th Oct 2003, 14:39

I have same model currently driven 11,000 miles and only recently had to replace 2 front Tyre's. 1500 miles suggests tracking is prob out ands needs re-setting.

2000 Rover - Austin Mini S-Works LE 1.3 mpi from UK and Ireland


The only mini to rip along the M25 keeping up with the rest!


Temperature sensor causing the fan to run constantly.

Steering geometry losing the plot after hitting pot holes, etc. Rack is not located so slops around.

Managed to get stuck in 4th gear whopping it round the M25, after about 1,500 miles.

General Comments:

What a car!

It is complemented well by a brilliant S-Works conversion, which increased the power by 30% to 90bhp.

It handles like no other Mini I have driven before, sticks like glue, as I can't even get sideways around roundabouts, what fun!!

The interior trimmings are superb, and complemented well with cream dials all round, with a nice helping of full leather upholstery and an aluminum dash.

This car is the nuts!!!

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Review Date: 28th March, 2001

12th Dec 2003, 07:07

Just wondering which model you have. Is it one of the 25 S Works?


Add reply in here.

21st Jun 2005, 15:24

That must be mental!!! Who needs Alton Towers? I am green with envy.

27th Oct 2005, 10:27

Although I love classic minis I find it hard to believe you can get it to 197bhp! that would be incredible! whats its top speed? post reply below

4th Jan 2006, 10:56

And how exactly do you get that much power down to the road?

Must have front tyres that meet in the middle...