19th Jan 2002, 12:09

I own a 1990 Rover Mini Mayfair (automatic). In the nine years I have owned it, it has never let me down! There simply is no better small car to own. Cheap to run, deliciously easy to drive (point and press pedal), never need to worry about parking, everyone else lets you in/out and not as bad as you might think on the long boring hauls/motorway runs. Mine gets me about the British Isles very adequately, thanks, and on pocket money. I love, love, love it. Debbie.

18th Jan 2005, 19:02

I bought my 1991 Mayfair in June of 2004, it had recently been imported to the US from the UK. It is a ball to drive, but I have had nothing, but problems with it. After driving it for 6 days the 998 engine blew up on the highway - irreparably so, leading me to have to replace it with a 1275... which came with a trannsmission that got damaged in shipping. The electronics are fussy - horn, brights and radio work intermittently.

Otherwise I love the car. It's been a horrid money pit, but the fun factor makes up for it. I'm actually driving it in the harsh Ohio winter we're having this year, and am extremely impressed with it's snow performance. About as good as our Audi!

25th Oct 2005, 23:09

Hi, Just purchased a 1993 Rover Mini Mayfair 1.3. Am absolutely delighted with it. Cheap to tax and insure and great for the small mileage my wife and I do a year. Will park anywhere!

Has been a bit neglected and off the road for a few years, but a friend of mine, a mini enthusiast, is looking at her now. Very little wrong, needs new wiper motor and hazard warning switch and location of where she is letting in water during heavy downpours, (I have no garage). So, hopefully, in a few weeks she will be 100%

Tom Chambers, Northern Ireland.

1st Aug 2007, 10:56

I have a 1991 Mini Mayfair. It's been 2 years..

I also don't have problems; just a normal one... changing some parts because I bought it used, so not every one treats his mini like I do.. so I wanted to have more details about it.. it's automatic... need to talk about it with other owners, so if you can help me, just send an email to mazinio@hotmail.com

Thanks all for your concern (I also have MSN at the same email address).