1992 Rover - Austin Montego LX 1.6 from UK and Ireland


It is a very good workhorse


Rear shock mounting broke.

Clutch went at 113000 miles.

Lots of rust at the rear wheel arches and along the sills.

The inlet manifold gasket went. Had to be replaced for MOT.

General Comments:

The car is a really good car that never fails to start.

It goes quick enough for a 1.6 estate with 114000 miles on the car.

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Review Date: 18th June, 2006

2nd Sep 2006, 12:07

Update on the review. After owning the Montego for seven long years turned out to be one of the best cars I have ever owned. RUST got the better of her and unfortunately she had to go the scrapyard. She drove to the scrapyard and she will be sadly missed.

Rust in peace BIG BUS.

1992 Rover - Austin Montego Clubman estate 20. TD from UK and Ireland


The best workhorse little money can buy


Needs new rear shocker.

Rust on doors.

General Comments:

Unbeatable economy, comfort and runing costs.

Does over 60mpg on a long run and 50mpg in general. power steering makes all the difference to driveability on these cars.

I Could live in the back of this car.

If you require pars, plenty of scrap cars for parts, which cost coppers.

If you have the chance of one of these cars in good condition, grab it as they are few good examples left. You won't regret it as they run forever.

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Review Date: 6th June, 2004

1992 Rover - Austin Montego DLX 2.0 Direct injected turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Practical, powerful, economical and very reliable


Electric windows packed up after around 85,000 miles.

Electic mirror on passenger side failed (probably due to someone smashing in to it .)

General Comments:

The most comfortable car I've ever had.

Practical, powerful and uses less fuel than a quadrocycle (a tiny car with a motor bike engine.)

Well made interior survived my families use.

Seven seats proved useful. (seven seats not standard on LX, mine were an after fit.)

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Review Date: 10th April, 2004

1992 Rover - Austin Montego LXI 2.0 petrol from UK and Ireland


An absolute time and money pit!


Now where do we start, Drove car off forecourt and it decided to almost lunch itself with the biggest backfire in the world. Four days later decided all by itself that it would die at every junction when brakes where applied. Then decided to exhibit the most appalling road holding possible in the wet on it's first long journey. A replacement engine and gearbox followed, The garage in question assumed that the stalling problem lie within the confines of a "tired engine". Two hundred and ninety pounds and one week later my chariot returned, With, you guessed it, the same old problem. What followed can only be described as a frantic search for the truth. The main dealer wanted more than the car was now worth to "put it on the computer", and the local "tune up" bloke just laughed at the mere thought of having to look at it. So I then replaced the following parts.

The list is conclusive, but not exhaustive. Engine management unit, Ignition control unit, Air mass meter, Catalytic convertor, Lambda sensor, Fuel pump, All service parts and more. But the problem still remains, It still drops the revs and almost dies at every junction when you touch the brakes!. It is, needless to say, going to the scrapper next week, and my shiny new Zafira arrives at the same time, seven seats and total reliability!!!.

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Review Date: 1st August, 2002

2nd Aug 2002, 16:17

I had a Montego with exactly the same stalling problem friend. You would have been better off not replacing any parts and running the car into the ground as I did myself. Whenever my car wanted to stall at a Junction, I simply revved it to 6000 revs!However it liked it's oil consumption after that! These cars need plenty of abuse. I managed to keep this car running this way for 75000 more miles. I then sold it for a little more money then I initially paid for this wreck on wheels. I am now busy running a Japanese vehicle into the ground.