22nd Aug 2002, 07:48

I bought a H reg 1.6 Montego estate with 89k on the clock 2nd hand for around £360. It has been a fantastic car with major load carrying capacity (I moved house using this vehicle alone saving on moving costs, OK it took a lot 50 mile round trips, but it did it) It now has 128k on the clock and still going. These old cars are fine if you are like me a DIY mechanic. The problems the chaps had with the above is usually the carb' alone, it happened to me. a replacement one off of a scrap car fixed the prob, and no new engine needed. When a garage fits a "replacement" engine all the ancillary parts from the old one are refitted to the new and some times unwittingly transferring the fault to the new engine. Cheers Richard

2nd Sep 2003, 09:42

Update on the first comment left here. My Brother is still driving this Rusty Old Shed of a Montego. It has now covered 212,000 miles. He has had to have a new head gasket fitted, as well as a water pump, alternator, fuel pump and a cylinder head. Still makes for absolutely dirt cheap motoring, considering this old wreck has no value. Absolutely zero street credibility and more than its fair share of police attention because of the bodywork. However when he visits I often finding myself taking it for a decent thrashing down the road. The look on peoples faces when they hear and see this aging brown heap of rust being thrashed senseless past them is priceless. Good, cheap vehicle.

8th Nov 2003, 13:00

No wonder the British Motor Industry is a mess, you should give British cars a chance before you slag them off, no wonder MG Rover have gone to bits because people deemd the cars uncool. Don't SLAG OFF BRITISH CARS.

9th Jan 2004, 08:12

I have owned my 1989 Rover Montego 1.6L since early 2000 and found it to be the best car I have ever driven. It has only required a new radiator and head gasket, but I forgive the old girl as she has done 277,000 miles on the original engine. Although the engine is getting very tired now and is hesitant to pull at anything below 2000rpm.The bodywork is in dire condition though with badly rusting wheel arches, doors and bonnet. This is a seriously good value for money car.

27th Feb 2004, 19:13

The moral of the above story is when buying any used car with a high-ish mileage, take someone who knows a bit about cars with you! My 1992 LXi is still going OK 2½ years and 20000 miles after I bought it as a tough 7-seat family/ plumber's/ towing workhorse for just £800 with 95k on the clock. The only problem I had was some "clever" soul removed the catalyst which I had to replace for the MoT at a cost of £250.

Now, what was I saying about taking someone with you..?

25th Jun 2006, 06:15

I have a Montego I got in 1999 and only minor things have gone wrong with it. Some people get good ones and others get bad ones. Read my Montego review A very good workhorse.