28th Jun 2007, 14:23

Count me as another who disagrees with your reasoning as well as your conclusions.

I too, own a Saab 9-3, and it has been delightful since day one.

Great comfortable seats, great handling, great features. Very reliable. 10 Worst? I think not!

Best I've ever owned!

29th Jun 2007, 12:41

1999 Saab 9-3 SE, my car was recently flooded by water, I thought it would be ruined forever. The Leather had changed color from all the water, the center mounted ignition would not allow you to turn the car off once it was started due to the amount of water still in it. Everyone thought the car was a loss, especially considering all the electricals. After removing all the water from the car, allowing a thorough drying followed by a deep cleaning, the car is fine! The only mechanical issue was, we had to take apart the ignition to remove the rest of the water, them sprayed with silicone lubricant and replaced. Works perfect. I conditioned all the leather, the color restored itself, with no damage. The engine was fine. So obviously the car isn't that delicate, actually really a tough car, dependable too, even with the high miles.

3rd Sep 2007, 01:13

I to have to disagree with the author's statements. I own a 1999 9-3 SE Convertible in Yellow and it's one of the most distinct cars in all of Vegas. It's required a few repairs over the 2 years I've had it, but it's never left me stranded anywhere.

All of the author's complaints are more "I don't like this feature/car" than evidence or reasoning why the car is bad. We don't really care if you personally don't like the car. Hey, I don't like Honda Civics, but I'm sure they're perfectly good cars. Go buy a Civic if you want a basic layout with no frills. I personally love where the ignition is, I just get a bit nervous when I valet.

2nd Feb 2008, 15:27

We have two SAABs including a '99 9-3 and a 9-5. While the 9-5 is a better car in many respects (and commands a higher price) the 9-3 has been fine. Each car has over 100,000 miles. We have driven it over 70,000 miles over five and half years.

The 9-5 still has original water pump, hoses, serp. belt, pulleys (need changing soon). It drives and handles very well and the turbo has lots of zip! If the first commenter had bought the car used and it has lots of miles I can understand that it may have some front suspension issues.

The first commenter did not appreciate the driving lights, but we do. The SAAB models continue to be rated amoung the most safe cars on the road.

The versatility of the car with the split folding rear seat and hatchback is great.

22nd Apr 2008, 04:48

I can understand the authors issues with the mechanical flaws; though any car more than 8 years old will begin to have some problems. But as for things like daytime running lights-- all new cars have them for safety, plus how the hell will you notice or care about them when you are driving???

Dashboard lights on--- again whats the big deal, you can barely even see the illumination in daylight, its not as though they are blindingly bright.

And, this is a more personal preference, but I would rather have the telescoping wheel then a tilt one. I have fairly long legs and arms and in cars without a telescoping wheel I have to either choose between having my legs at a comfortable distance, or having my arms the same.

19th May 2008, 20:35

If you ever checked into it, pulling one simple fuse will take off the daytime running lights and turn off the dashboard light when the selector is in the left position. Look in your manual and check the fuse number, it will tell you which fuse you can pull to make this happen. I believe it's one in the teens, maybe thirteen

10th Jun 2008, 09:03

I just bought a Saab 93 Convertible.. I really like it. It has lots of speed but I will say that I feel EVERY FREAKIN bump on the road.. I'm not sure if I need new struts or if this is just the way the car is..

Any suggestions???

12th Jun 2008, 08:53

To the poster who asked about feeling every bump in the road with his 9-3 convertible.

I guess what you are asking is if all 9-3 convertibles ride harshly.

No - actually the 9-3 convertible has a very good ride.

However keep in mind the the convertible is not as structurally rigid as a sedan so you will feel some cowl shake and chassis flex over rough roads.

14th Jun 2008, 22:38

To the poster complaining about the ride on the 9-3 Convertible, it would also help if your car is not equipped with the Aero suspension and wheels.

The standard set up is already firm enough, to the point of being jiggly; the Aero pack only magnifies the 9-3's rather restless ride.

17th Jun 2008, 13:42

"Rather Restless Ride"??

I don't know what 9-3 Convertible you've been riding in, but mine has a very smooth & controlled ride, in fact it is every bit as comfortable as my wife's Lexus.

It does not have the "Aero" suspension though.

18th Jun 2008, 15:45

Just traded a 2002 Chrysler Sebring Lxi convertible for a 2006 9-3 convertible. The 9-3 rides and handles like a dream in comparison. I test drove several used convertibles, including Mercedes and BMW and I found the Saab 9-3 to have one of the smoother more stable rides. Euro autos just have a stiffer tighter ride with more stable handling.

27th Jun 2008, 21:20

I just wanted to make a few simple comments about my review posted a ways back and the responding comments that were attributed with it.

First off, the car is long gone now, having sold it back to a dealership in order to purchase something a little more reliable. (BTW somehow I made 1800 off that piece of junk)

Second, the WHEEL FORWARD COMMENT, a few commentaries stated this was normal in most luxury cars. I have to tell you this is by no means normal...yes, in the saab you do have the means to move the steering wheel towards and away from the driver, however in the 99 saab 9-3, you are not able to move it vertically up and down. A huge flaw is designing.

Third, earlier comments listed about the BAD RADIO... yes I did take care of that, I managed to purchase new speakers for the two rear 9*6, however, the wiring system in a saab is fiber optics, so be ware, they most likely will not be able to mount your nice head unit. Best Buy, Circuit City, and even mom and pop shops will NOT BE ABLE TO WORK ON YOUR CAR. That is unless you want to drop a few hundred dollars to get your car a completely new wire system. That cost about $200.

On another note, I did take care of the daytime running lights, and yes, a simple fuse will take care of that issue. I do still stick by my review, and feel this car is complete non-sense, I feel anyone with logic will do themselves a favor and decline to purchase a saab 9-3. Oh and quick reply to poster from June 15th...I live in Annapolis, Md.. Trust me, If saab is going to be anywhere, I could image it would be here. But, surprise, people here like to drive Lexus and BMW not SAAB.

Conclusion: I suppose you have to live and learn... GM is a terrible company and anything they control will be the same.