26th Jan 2010, 16:07

I'm sure glad my car isn't so "awesome." 10 years ago I got all the GM products out of my life and it's been wonderful!

26th Jan 2010, 17:20

I hope that you will continue keep us updated on how your car does. I have to say that you were much more calm than I would have been had I had all those problems in the first 5 months of ownership. I've always loved Saabs, but I'm a little frightened about buying one based on reviews that I read.

28th Jan 2010, 14:52

2007 9-3 60th Anniversary Edition. Bought it new and still love it.

9th Oct 2010, 18:49

Hello all!!! I posted the original comments on my 2007 Saab 9-3 2.0T.

UPDATE: I have had absolutely no problems since last summer, and fixing those items mentioned.

The car still is a great ride and fun to drive. It still turns heads.

I am not sure if mine is the 60th anniversary edition or not, but it has all the extras that the special edition does, as far as the walnut trim, the sport rims that are stock, three different interior colors and all leather trim with baseball stitching and embossed insignia in the leather. Navigation and Bose sound system.

Also, FYI, if anyone's interested in a good deal on Sirius or XM satellite radio, go to www.retailmenot.com and type it in; there are suggestions that do work... I renewed my subscription for a year, and it was only $66.00. I can't live without satellite radio.

Back to my car!! Wonderful, wonderful... and I may not have mentioned before, aside from the headaches I endured initially, the Saab dealership here have treated me very very well, and I would have to say they went above and beyond what most would have... They certainly seemed to actually care and give a rip about me and my situation... I would definitely consider buying from them in the future...

22nd Mar 2011, 16:40

Aside from replacing the engine, the Saab is great?

Isn't that like saying, aside from my lung cancer, I'm pretty healthy?

16th Apr 2011, 22:58

I can understand what you mean by that response, but I suppose I am looking at it from my personal standpoint and experience with the car. Meaning... Yes it had several issues and I am glad all of it was taken care of under warranty and or through a good relationship with the dealership.

Ultimately I still stand here and feel good about my purchase. There is some truth to the comment I heard recently, "SAAB owners either love or hate the cars and the ones that love them will still tolerate its flaws. Knowing that, I can only hope that now that Spyker owns it, he will turn the image around and do something spectacular with SAAB. Time will tell...