18th Oct 2009, 14:41

The Saab 93 SE convertible is a excellent car. Build quality high, comfortable to drive and ride with few problems over the 6 years of ownership. More substantial than many convertibles and a long list of highly desirable equipment. It is a high end car so if you cannot be bothered with issues that come with the luxury and equipment complexity look elsewhere. The engine is smooth and the turbo adds the power when called upon.

The Saab is a pricey car however does not hold its value like a BMW or Audi, that is actually good news. A pre-owned Saab can cost you thousands less than others with a ride and drive that only a very picky and critical person would not like.

The trunk is ample as is the back seat and remember you are not purchasing a sedan. Saab's have some quirks that should not come as a surprise if you do your homework. The so called professional reviews are overly critical of most cars, that is what those people get paid to do. If I took many reviews as gospel I would have never bought my Saab or Mercedes. Research and test drives are required.

I have never regretted purchasing my Saab 9-3 convertible nor saw the need to trade it in on a new or newer one. This is a car that is unique in appearance and a pleasure to drive and own.

What I find most annoying is complaints about problems or maintenance, few cars other than perhaps a Toyota or Honda (and not those either) are trouble free and the cost of repairing those is far from trivial.

In summary the Saab convertible is a gem in all seasons, distinctive and solid. Oh by the way if you are looking for a sports car, then don't bother with a 4 passenger convertible.

19th Oct 2009, 13:30

I remember reading an article a couple of years ago that stated Saabs goal was to build a convertible that performed on par with a Porsche when they originally set out to manufacture the first Saab convertible. The truth is the Turbocharged Saab convertibles arguably do perform as well as some of the sports cars from a decade or two ago. No, they are not sports cars in any sense, but they are indeed a fun ride with decent performance.