5th May 2005, 07:41

We are a small family owned auto repair shop. We have had 2 customers with this same engine problem in the last 2 months. First was a 2000 9-3 w/2.0 turbo engine with 55k. The second was a 2000 9-5 2.3 turbo engine with 98k. I searched nationwide for a used engine on both, none to be found. (that tells me something right there) The first customer went to a Saab dealer. I was told over the phone they would be able to help her out because the mileage was so low. Turns out they charged her $7000 to replace the engine. My second customer refuses to be screwed over by Saab. I warned her about the 1st customer's experience. We have been working together to find info to arm her with to fight this. A class action suit sounds like a great idea. Good luck to all who choose this route. Squeaky wheels everyone!! Make a fuss. Dealers like this make "all" auto techs look bad. It hurts those of us who are running an honest business and truly do care about our customers.

13th May 2005, 12:32

I have a 1999 Saab 9-5 that had the same problem. My engine started knocking and seized up at 86,000. I took it to a Saab dealer to get it diagnosed and they accused me of lack of oil changes. I had no oil getting to the top of my engine, my timing chain was done, the dealer noted that "main bearing at crankshaft dry" and he told me on the phone that the metal shavings in the oil clogged the screen so no oil could pump. He did not put those notes in the invoice so when I went to Saab to get reimbursement under the "oil sludge" extended warranty, I was denied because the dealer did not use the words oil sludge. That was 2 days ago when I was denied. I put a used engine in with 40K on it, but I am looking for a new car this weekend. I do not plan on putting another engine in this car for $5K. I will go in on a class action.

29th Jun 2005, 23:45

This is absurd!!! I've had my SAAB 9-3S convertible with the 2.0L low pressure turbo motor for two weeks and the engine seizes. I haven't had the engine ripped apart yet to see what the exact diagnosis is, but I suspect that its the same problem that everyone else is having. I was driving on the highway when my oil pressure light went on. I pulled over and noticed that I was about 1 quart down so I filled it. I then started my car and noticed the light was off. About an hour later I was coming home and the light went on again. I was about to pull over, but I heard the engine start to knock really bad. As soon as I pulled over the engine died. From then on the engine has been seized. I'm am so aggravated with the fact that I can't find an engine for it, but I'm also aggravated that I've never heard of this problem before. If I had then I wouldn't be driving a New Generation Saab. They really don't make SAAB's like they used to anymore. Do they?

8th Sep 2005, 11:47

No, Gm can't make a saab like the Swedes used to...

6th Oct 2005, 13:19

I recently got a 99 9-3 and the compressor ceased up within 8 days. I returned the car to the dealer and they were responsible for fixing it. I live in Ontario, Canada and when you purchase from a dealer (except if sold as is) you have a implied warranty, which is about 30 days. And if work is done on your car, you have a 90 day warranty. these are all regulation within the ontario government.

28th Nov 2005, 10:55

I have a 2000 Saab 93 I am having the same problem that other owners are having with engine. I was told that my engine did not have enough oil and that is why it seized.

I would be interested in a class action law suit.

7th Dec 2005, 22:43

Well, I have yet another Saab story. Check my puncuation, wording... whatever you want... my story is much the same as those posted. I have a 2000 9/5 which suddenly stopped on the interstate as my sixteen year old daughter was driving. So much for the safety features! I had the car towed to a Saab dealer who wouldn't touch the car as I could not produce service records from day 1 (I am the second owner.) I had the car towed to my local repair shop and have now been informed that it is indeed an oil sludge problem... metal shavings in the oil pan. I'm still waiting to see if an engine can be found (it's been about 3 weeks) and IF it is affordable. Count me in on a suit.

22nd Dec 2005, 11:35

In August, I bought a 2000 Saab 9-5 with 90K miles on it. It has been running great. However, just the other day, the oil pressure and central warning lights went on. I stopped, checked the oil level and it was fine. No engine clatter either. I started the car and the lights went out. This happened again two days ago so I took it to a Saab dealership yesterday, thinking it might be a sensor, but a bit worried it might be something worse. That is when the mechanic mentioned that there were oil sludge problems with this model. At this moment, he is looking the car over. I read the letter from Saab Cars, Inc. and numerous accounts such as those on this website that highlight problems of engines seizing. Mine, thankfully, has not done so yet, but we shall see. I understand that any claims must be submitted before 31 December...that's only a few days away. Should I look for legal counsel?

2nd Jan 2006, 18:06

How can I get more information about the lawsuit? I will appreciate any pointers to the information. My car is running good at the moment. What happens it it dies later?

Please help.

11th Jan 2006, 23:09

I have the exact same situation currently happening with my 99 95 se. Today I received a call from my indy that reported the noise I heard was from a faulty oil pump, that has sludge and metal shavings in the pan. Is there still time to get in this lawsuit? Any further bits of info for this would be greatly appreciated. I can see why GM is having so many issues.

13th Jan 2006, 09:04

If anyone knows any information about a class action law suit - please post here. A month after buying my immaculate 2001 9-3 I'm told it will need a new motor - sludge. If there is a lawsuit - I want to be a part of it.

18th Jan 2006, 06:41

The TSB for the oil sludge issue can be found here:


Check under 2 Engine.

From Sweden.

22nd Jan 2006, 20:39

Four days ago my 2002 SAAB 9-3 was brought in to the dealer with sludge build-up. We are waiting to hear if they will fix this and how much it will cost. What is happening with the suit described here?

24th Jan 2006, 21:01

In response to the many complaints about sludge found in Saab 93 and 95 engines, my mechanic in Santa Fe, New Mexico has found that the problem lies in the design: the catalytic converter is located directly under the oil pan. The catalytic converter's operating temperature is 750 degrees F. thus cooking the oil and carbonizing it (sludge). The result is a clogged the oil screen restricting the flow. The oil pressure light will not come on because it does not measure flow. The first thing to go is usually the turbo unit (30-40,000 RPM) which is robbed of fresh oil.

Saab announced last March that it will extend their engine warranties to 8 years and unlimited miles when the car was new. Unfortunately, this engineering design started in 1994 in the 9000 and 900 models where the catalytic converter was moved directly below the oil pan.

Email: haydnfestivalintl@hotmail.com.