3rd Mar 2010, 04:23


Can you explain more on the DIY fix and can you show some pictures?

8th Mar 2010, 11:27

Not a problem, however, I don't know how to get pictures on here. An email address would be great, but how we get each others email is a little problematic. As I don't really want to leave my email address on here.

I have to say the manual start switch has worked every time I've had to use it. With no warning errors or the like.



11th Mar 2010, 17:17


Contact me at #$%!?@yahoo.com. I'll delete this post after I hear from you.

8th Apr 2010, 07:47

2000 9-3 Convertible. I also had the car starting in the driveway ALWAYS, then if we stopped after driving 3-5 miles and left it parked for 1/2 an hour, it would not start. An hour later it was fine, or if I drove a greater distance, it was fine.

My mechanic kept on believing it was the safety neutral switch, but did not want to randomly replace it unless he was 100% sure because of the cost (yes, he is not a SAAB dealer).

Last week we got what we wanted, it became a hard failure, and sure enough it was the safety neutral switch. Thought I pass on my experience.

22nd Apr 2010, 10:36

My 2003 9-3 Convertible is currently experiencing the intermittent start problems. So far, we've replaced the crankshaft position sensor and the ignition relay switch. One mechanic gave a few educated guesses - he said he's seen problems with the security system sensors, and he's seen cell phones interfere with the ignition.

Yesterday the car started idling loudly - not roughly, just loudly, as though there was a little more horsepower/revving than there should have been. I turned the car off. Tried it. Dead. Buckled the seat belt. It started right up. That's the second time it failed to start and I buckled before it would start again. A connection? Hard to say. But food for thought. - Lori

23rd Apr 2010, 07:55

Re: 2000 saab 9-3 starting problem. Have you checked the DI cassette?

25th Apr 2010, 16:29

Same won't start (turn over) problem, occurring only after driving, but recovering after sitting a variable amount of time. I checked the shop manual: it's a fairly complicated circuit, and I have located a few (CHECK POINTS). As the problem tends to become more frequent with time, one is presented with increasing opportunities to rationally diagnose the situation. Unless it is broken, it cannot be diagnosed. I see a couple of key checks: is the relay being grounded properly, is the neutral safety switch getting and passing voltage to the solenoid?

When the ignition key is in Start, the ignition lock reads the key transponder code and sends this on the K-line to the steering column control module (CIM). When this approves the code, the key can be turned. The CIM also checks that the main instrument unit (MIU), BCM and passenger door module actually belong to the car (immobilizer environment), and then transmits the immobilizer OFF signal on the bus), which then cancels the 2s delayed fuel cut off. If all is OK, the CIM sends the Engine control module (ECM) a ready signal via the bus, which grounds the starter relay coil. (CHECK THAT THE STARTER RELAY COIL GETS GROUNDED)

On automatics, the gear selector must be in Park or Neutral to start (TRY NEUTRAL WITH BRAKE ON TO SEE IF IT WILL START). The position sensor (neutral safety switch) can be bad, and one can test 12V in and out of the switch as well.

3rd May 2010, 12:24

Still dealing with this one. I saw on another forum mention of pouring water over the NSS to cool it. My husband poured it over some wire on the transmission and the car started up. Since it was one time, I can't say the water did anything.

In the last two weeks (AFTER putting in the new relay), the car died three times. We were under the hood the other day and husband noticed the NSS was pretty close to the engine. He rerouted it away from it. The thought is the hot engine is somehow causing the wire to fail. We drove it from PA to CT and back - not one problem. I'll report back in a few weeks to let you know if the problem has gone away. It's tough to tell with this one as it's so intermittent. - Lori.

10th May 2010, 08:44

I have a 2000 Saab 9-3 TS coupe, auto, 2L Turbo, in Australia, and I have recently had the same problem with the car simply not starting; get lights, but no engine sound. So a problem with the neutral safety switch?

The car is due its annual service anyway, but this problem has just popped up from no where.

Is there anyone else in Australia with this car, or another Saab that has had the same or similar problem and if so, what was the cost of fixing this problem?



2nd Aug 2010, 02:17

I have a 2002 model in Australia and I’ve had the same issue. It been ongoing for a few months now since I bought the car, and I've been managing with the pour water on the NS method, it's crude, but works most of the time.

I will replace, but $500 plus labour is hard to stomach.

15th Oct 2010, 13:38

Hello All.


There is a great deal of useful information on this thread, but somewhat scattered (thanks for your postings). I'm hoping someone who has gone through this "suddenly doesn't start/doesn't start at all" problem and fixed it, can try to make one posting that could be comprehensive.

I've had the similar "cranks but doesn't start sometime". For a few months, the car would occasionally crank but not start. It would also sometime start, but idle pretty bad, then cut off (when this happened, if I hit the gas it stayed running and driving without problem for a full day drive). This was intermittent, until one day it just died. When I turn the key, all the lights come on, but there is NO CRANK. I thought (after reading some of the posts on this thread) that maybe if I let it sit for a few hours or a day, it would start back up. It's been almost a week, and won't do anything, not even crank.

Hopefully the background (of cranking without start, starting with idle then running) is helpful in your diagnosis, but the current problem is that when I turn the key there is no crank.

Can anyone share some suggestions that fixed this issue?

Feel free to email me your thoughts directly (kindly) : saifk347@gmail.com


23rd Oct 2010, 09:25

I have a 1998 Saab 2.0 convertible, and it has been driving very well. 3 days ago I filled up as normal, and since it has not started. The engine will turn over, but will not run.

Any ideas, as I have checked fuel relay, fuse plugs and fuel pump; all OK?

28th Oct 2010, 08:34

Install an after market push button start. This WILL work. These intermittant starting problems are super common from early 2000 model SAABs. Our shop has battled through countless repairs on dozens of these cars with the same exact issue. We figured out that if you have a functioning starter, you can hook up a push button start kit to it and it will start EVERY time. This bypasses computer issues, ignition switch issues, ground issues. Please give it a shot, the kits cost about 30-40 bucks and the install time is between 30 and 60 minutes. You will NOT regret it.