2002 SAAB 9-5 Linear 2.3 turbo from North America


A lemon


The transmission failed, twice.

The ignition system failed.

The trip computer failed.

The brake rotors have failed.

General Comments:

This is the worst car I have owned since my 1982 Renault LeCar.

The dealer is inept.

The car leaves us stranded, regularly.

The manufacturer's customer service is non-existent.

Repeated letter to the President of Saab Cars USA have gone unanswered.

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Review Date: 18th August, 2003

14th Jun 2005, 17:17

Somehow I think that you are exaggerating quite a bit because cars just don't have so many problems and leave you stranded constantly. I'll bet the vehicle is not taken care of properly.

29th Nov 2005, 09:44

I really doubt the owner is exaggerating. My 9-5 is every bit as poorly built and problematic- and I follow all recommended service intervals. The car appears to be hit or miss, but what really might make the difference is the quality of the dealer. As I said in my review, our Dealer doesn't know "BEANS" about Saabs, in fact they only recently acquired the franchise and had it combined with Hyundai at the time of our purchase.

31st Oct 2006, 18:18

Saabs are cars that have always and will probably continue to polarise opinions.

Get a good one and it is amazing. Get a bad one and...

You can say that of any make of car, but the issue with Saabs is that there seem to be more misses than hits where quality is concerned.

I have friends who swear by theirs, but at the same time a larger number who swear AT theirs.

The fact that a high proportion of Saab owners come back for another means nothing when you see just how many Saabs are sold annually - the total sales are a mere rounding error by any other maker's standards.

24th Jan 2008, 07:59

My 02 Linear was the worst car I have ever owned. It spent so much time at the dealership during warranty period! I loved to drive Mazda and Saaburu (9-2X) loaners for hundreds of miles at the time! All electronics was replaced, most of sensors failed in the first 2 years. As soon as warranty ran out small electronical problems and failed AC forced me trade it in for something more reliable. What a piece of Swedish sh#t!

2002 SAAB 9-5 from Australia and New Zealand


Luxury, sports and style!!!


Nothing has gone wrong with the car as yet.

I hit the front spoiler going up a drive way and damaged it.

General Comments:

Beautiful car to look at and is deceivingly fast.

Handles well and has great take off power.

Great on long trips and very comfortable seats.

Excellent economy for its level of performance.

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Review Date: 16th May, 2003

2002 SAAB 9-5 Aero 2.3 High Output turbo from UK and Ireland


Huge performance, great comfort, great service... what more could you want?


Nothing as yet!

General Comments:

The car looks far better than a non-Aero 9-5 - the bodykit and 17-inch alloys make a huge difference.

As an overtaking car, nothing else I have driven comes close. The mid-range acceleration (in 3rd and 4th gear) is nothing short of phenomenal!

The suspension set up is pretty stiff, and so while driving in town the ride can be slightly uncomfortable at times. Out on the open road, however, it's a different story. Body control round both high- and low-speed corners is excellent.

The steering is rather light, but does provide just enough feedback to let you know what the front wheels are up to. Unfortunately, the car does suffer from rather a lot of torque steer - but sure this is unavoidable with 250bhp going through the front wheels?

On a more practical note, the interior is also of a high standard. Poor build quality of Saabs of old has given way to quality that almost rivals that of German manufacturers like BMW. As is usual in a Saab, the controls are all orientated towards the driver, but the passenger can still operate the climate control etc without any trouble.

The Aero comes with a high standard spec - you get far more kit on this car than on an equivalently priced 5-Series, for example. As standard, you get xenon headlights, leather, front and rear heated seats, dual zone climate control, parking radar... the list goes on! The boot is surprisingly large, and there is plenty of head and legroom in both the front and the back of the car - even for someone 6'5" like me.

On the subject of seats, I can honestly say that I have never sat in a car more comfortable!! The front seats of the current 9-5 are absolutely fantastic.

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Review Date: 22nd November, 2002

16th Apr 2003, 08:38

Nice review, and one which I completely agree with.

For me, the torque steer is the biggest gripe - it's inexcusable in a modern car, especially one which has otherwise been so beautifully developed and engineered.

However, as a package, I love my Aero. It's seriously quick, handles nicely (torque steer apart), and it's beautifully built. As you say, the mid-range is stunning! Although it can't quite match my old 528i for out and out balance in the corners, it's a much nicer car in every other respect. And people seem to admire the Aero. The BMW only ever got ignored (they are everywhere after all), or provoked aggression on the few times anyone even noticed it. BMW have a serious image problem in the UK.

Saab has the highest brand loyalty of all marques with something like 95% of Saab owners sticking with the brand when they change their cars. So far, I can see why.

23rd Dec 2003, 11:10

Would agree with almost all of the comments made.

I have the 2003 model Aero est. Nothing comes close to it as a package. I looked at BMW, Audi, Volvo & MB, none could compare on performance + kit + value & quality. A similar vehicle was £10,000 more from the others!!!

Super car full stop!

15th Jan 2010, 15:12

I just got my 9-5 Hot Aero with FSH for a tenth of the original new price, and so far, it is spectacular. Apart from the SID not working (easily repaired and will be done soon) the car is in virtually perfect condition - the leather is better than any I have seen in similar cars, and the power is phenomenal. I wish I'd got one a long time ago. Looking forward to many years in my Aero.