7th May 2016, 15:36

Here is the author of the initial review and the 1st comment.

The vehicle is running strong, now at 170000 km.

The car is running perfect, no faults. I did some other parts changes as prevention and others for comfort (rear suspension trailing arm changed because they were noisy etc.).

The only faults (really minor and next to nonexistent) are a leaky oil cover gasket despite replacement, airbag light coming on now and then (diagnosed as a faulty sensor in the right front door, but changing it didn't cure the problem, if we may dare calling that a problem), CEL coming on and off on its own (diagnosed as a faulty signal to/from O2 sensor, again new sensor doesn't cure, however it's good to know why)... and that's it. I learned to live with these and don't bother about them, nor trying to cure them.

Otherwise, the car is perfect. 250 BHP, relaxed motoring, comfort. Again, for the investment that I did, I am more than happy.

Sometimes, I thing about changing my car. Then I see that no car of same price offers that much (specially the 250 HP turbo engine + 5 auto gears) nor the same interior space. Instead of having a car with less power, less room, harsher seats, but maybe with more in cabin electronic toys, I am extremely happy to keep my Saab... until around 2020/21 and then switch to a... Volvo S60 I guess.

2nd Jun 2017, 14:56

I still have the car and it looks like I will keep it for a long time...

However, the future replacement for Saab is now Alfa Romeo. Already bought a 2008 159. I will switch to a Guilia in the future.

The 9-5? It will be with me as long as it is reasonable (expense wise) to keep it running and I am OK with the idea of being its last owner. Another 5 years, if not more...

24th Mar 2018, 05:18

180000 km now. Everything works as planned. That means that, once a big and serious maintenance is done, you can just drive it for years, just changing oil, filters and tires.