7th Jun 2005, 20:33

I have owned a 2000 9-5 SE for two years now. Bought it with 34,000 miles. Just after the 50,000 mile mark, the alternator and battery died. That was $1200. Then the driver's side heat went out. That's another $2100 (yeah, really, and that's a used part). Now we just got it home from that repair, literally, and the windshield wipers don't work. I'm terrified to bring it back to the shop, but I guess I'll need the wipers since it's supposed to rain this whole week. We also talked with SAAB corporate and got the "it's the customer responsibility" routine. Oh yeah, had to have the whole stereo system replaced, but at least that one was covered by warranty! That happened two days after we brought it home from the dealer. Should have returned it then!! Also have display problems, but I'm not even going to acknowledge that, because that is the absolute least of my problems with this car. At this point I'm ready to unload it on some poor soul, but can't bring myself to be that cruel.

2nd Aug 2005, 03:47

I'm a new saab owner. I just bought it from my brother-in-law. It's on 56,000 miles (80,000km) and I've just had the gearbox warning come up. It's gone into limp mode. The mechanic has quoted me a ballpark figure of between Aus$1,000 to 3,000 to fix. Help. Has anyone else had this problem? Are the gearboxes known for being faulty at these kilometres? Sigh. Wish I'd read this forum before deciding to buy...

28th Sep 2005, 03:07

May I suggest you do s Google for your limp mode problem - I drive another Swedish car (Volvo 850) which has a similar quirk and I found several pages of info and was able to cure the problem quickly and withou much cost!

5th Oct 2005, 08:52

I thought I had a lemon, but now I see that this is normal. My 2000 Aero sedan has 90,000 miles on it. It's in my garage right now waiting for its third throttle body:

The problems I've had since purchase at 26k miles:

New starter: 500.00

Tire cupping: 500.00 (due to rear geometry, sounds like bearings)

Throttle body: (X2) 800.00

Intake sensor: 40.00

Dash display: (X2) 1st one warranty, second left alone.

About 15 headlight bulbs at 10.00 each.

There is no way I'd ever buy another one. I'm selling this as soon as it runs again. Rear wheel drive forever!

6th Oct 2005, 11:35

I have a 1999 SAAB 9-5.

Love the care, but yes problems.

Latest is endless vibration at 127 Km etc. through the steering wheel - annoying.

Two winters ago the serpentine belt went, luckily I stopped the engine before it blew up, warning was off smell into the car from the engine, if you ever smell something really off STOP engine and do not restart. Pulleys etc had to be changed...

Display is minus a character, but I do not care.

Anyone else have the vibration issue on the 9-5, 1999?

I have had the tires replaced, realligned etc the works and still persists, dealer says not normal and has no idea? Will know more tomorrow........ I hope.

11th Dec 2005, 22:22

And I thought it was just my bad luck! Bought a 1999 9-5 used at 60k miles in mid 2003, and so far have replaced the DI twice, the transmission at 80k ($3000), multiple lights, and more other things than I can remember. Yes the display is also missing some characters. Now the ABS and brake warning lights have come on. Thought I'd gotten a bargain, but have spent on repairs just under what I paid for the car initially. (somewhere in the $12K range.) Divided over the number of months I've had the car, could have (and will, next time,) gotten a brand spanking new, reliable (non-European made?) vehicle. For shame. It's mighty comfy to drive, when it is not consuming my children's college money, though.

16th Dec 2005, 11:12

Just had my 2000 wagon in for it's 96000 km. service. The previous day the warning chime went, and the warnings came up on my instrument panel. ABS, Brake, TRACTION CONTROL. I was told that, after 3 days of investigation that the hydraulic system for the ABS system needed replacing, at a cost of $5000.00. Anybody had a similar Christmas present from SAAB?

22nd Dec 2005, 15:38

I was just looking at a 9-5 to purchase yesterday. I really liked it, but thought I would do some research. I think you all just saved me some money. Sorry for you problems, they are truly fun cars.

27th Dec 2005, 10:25

I just wanted to also say thank you for posting your problems with the 9-5. A driver slammed into my old 240 Volvo at a light going 50 mph and I was considering the 9-5 to replace my hardy reliable Volvo. However, I will definitely look elsewhere after reading these reports.

16th Jan 2006, 02:49

We are experiencing problems with our 1999 9-5 Saab Station wagon, and were wondering if we are alone with this, or if anybody had the same problems, and suggestions of what might cause this? There are several problems:

The car (many times) seems to stutter while driving. It almost feels like the engine cuts out for a while. Driving faster (pressing down gas) seems to help a little, but it is getting worse, and we are worried that one of these days it will just die...

The air-conditioning is not on when this occurs. Most of the time the engine is warm, but not always.

We also seem to lose many more light bulbs than we ever have in any other car... It feels like we change them constantly.

Anybody have the same issues?

16th Jan 2006, 18:50

I bought a brand new Saab 95 sportswagon in Nov 2005. As soon as I drove it out of the showroom I noticed a vibration at 110kph. The demo car did not vibrate. The wheels have since been balanced & the tyres replaced, but the vibration persists. The dealer claims it's a characteristic of the car. Does anyone else have this problem? Please help me.

18th Jan 2006, 18:47

In response to the Dec. 11th & other entries about ABS and brake warning lights coming on. My 2000 95 with 112,000 miles just started doing this. The dealership said the parts alone were $2800, I didn't even stick around long enough to find out how much cost of labor would be. Has anyone had this problem and gotten it fixed? Did it work? How much was the total cost? My car is probably worth around $7000 (excellent condition) and was planning on getting a new car later this year, if I get rid of this one. Was also wondering if anyone had an emissions test while this problem was present? Did the car pass? The dealership said it would fail.

16th Feb 2006, 11:00

In response to the Jan 16th comment. I own a 2000 Saab 9-5 wagon with the V6 and approximately 60K. I have had the exact same issues with the constant replacement of light bulbs, particularly for the headlights on the vehicle.

As well as of late the car has begun to stutter like it is starving for fuel occasionally. The problem occurs both at warm and cold starts. Depressing the accelerator and bringing the revs up seems to help. The problem however is becoming more persistent and I'm afraid its just going to die on me somewhere one of these days.

Anyone else had any experience in fixing this problem?