12th Sep 2007, 17:02

I have a 2001 9.5 with the 4 banger with 194,000 miles. Replace the turbo once, throttle body once, rear shocks once and other little things. Always change my oil every 3,000 mile with mobile-1. The car still runs amazing. I drive it everyday and hope to get 250,000 out of it. I have had a lot of cars and none of them ran this good with 194,000 miles. All cars have problems. It just depends on what you want to drive. I will buy another one when this dies. The best car I have ever owned.

Past Cars: Civic, Accord, Maxima, Volvo, Audi (the worst), Altima, Dodge Dart, Plymouth Scamp, Dodge Polara, Buick Century, Toyota Corolla, K-Car, Hyundai, Jeep, Mazda 323 and 626, Mitsubishi.

19th Sep 2007, 18:56

This is in response to the guy claiming that the engine and trans lights came on at the same time...

I have a 2001 9-5, 75k miles. I had the same problem. I followed the instructions in the manual, which essentially tell you to drive the car in limp mode. I did and the lights went off. I brought it to the dealer the next week and they wanted me to spend $600 to replace a "neutral safety switch". Two weeks later the car still runs fine. I figure, I'll just keep resetting the transmission in the limp mode to make the lights go off.

Anybody know about the "neutral safety switch"?

I love my SAAB. I had the Turbo replaced at 70 k under warranty. The only major, recurring problem is that I've had to replace the battery 3 times in 18 months. A dealer diagnosis of the electrical system came up negative? Any answers out there?

Also, is the 9-5 the last true Swedish Saab platform independent of GM? I'm guessing the 9-3 and 9-7 is GM derived.

21st Sep 2007, 08:53

I purchased a used 2003 Saab 95 Linear in October of 2006 it had about 60K miles on it. I loved it, it was quick and fun to drive. Then came the issues, first headlights... no big deal. Then my serpentine belt came off due to being swollen with oil, which was awesome. I bought another belt, put it on about 2 months ago, July 2007. Last night I was in a driveway and I heard the belt pop off again and I was really excited about that. Turns out the head gasket is leaking along with the dip stick. This will cost me about $1,350.00 I told them go ahead and give me a tune up while you are at it (heck its just money). I will get rid of this car as soon as I get it back and Never buy another Saab.

23rd Sep 2007, 18:33

TO the party who posted on 19 Sep, the 9-5 uses a GM Epsilon platform, which also undepins various GM US and European models.

6th Oct 2007, 07:36

I have been searching on line for a Saab (93-95 turbos,95aero, wagons), and I thank you all for steering me in the other direction. I think I will read the reviews for the AUDI A6 series. Sorry for all the woes. I drive a 97 Voyager and it runs like a champ.

7th Oct 2007, 22:00

I bought my 2000 Saab 9-5 new. It now has 45,000 miles on it, mostly around town driving. I get about 280 miles on a tank of premium. Is this normal, particularly in view of the fact that when I plugged in my diagnostic device code #P1180 said the fuel is too lean?

The ignition pack went out at about 30K miles, which was under the mileage limit, but out of the three year time warranty. The dealer wanted ~$850 to replace it. When I raised a stink he said he would beg Saab on my behalf. A few days later he said Saab would absorb the cost. My gratitude for the dealer's "efforts" on my behalf disappeared when I later found out that Saab had issued a RECALL for the part. That dealer would have let me pay for the part + installation, which they would have gotten for free from Saab.

The turbo went out at about 40K miles. Saab DID spring for it, even though it was after the 3 years. Score at least one good deed for Saab. Now the head gasket is leaking and the brake vacuum assist is out. Any readers out there who have changed out the vacuum assist part themselves? If so, which tech manual did you use?

I change the oil every 3000 miles faithfully; sometimes sooner. Now, after reading all the entries on this site, I realize the reason why my oil looks dirty just a few days after changing it: it must be SLUDGE. The lube place recommends that I flush the engine with a solvent. Do any of you know whether this will wash out the sludge, or must I take the oil pan off to do that?

19th Oct 2007, 15:06

I have been looking for a Throttle Body for a 2000 9-5 Hot Aero, for a friend and I felt I must post a message in reply to some of the other posts I have read.

Personally I own a 2003 passat tdi 130 sport estate, it has long life servicing and needs the oil changing every 20,000 miles, the car drives & handles like a dream and has so far covered 100,000 without incident.

I also own a 1997 BMW 528 which has covered 150,000 miles. It is the best car I have ever driven, and all it has ever needed is a £40 crank sensor and a battery (both times I still got home)it has had Castrol Magnatec every 10,000 miles from new, and the engine is as clean and quiet as the day it was built.

While I admire Saab customers for their loyalty, I am frankly flabberghasted at some of the sums of money spent on your cars. I paid less for the Passat than some of you have paid in repair costs.

I think you should all rethink your choice in vehicles, and go for German or Japanese.

Good luck in your quests to find a reliable Saab, they do seem to be few & far between.

22nd Oct 2007, 18:16

To the poster of 21 Oct, there's nothing wrong with buying a Saab, provided you get a good one. Trouble is, there's just no way to tell.

BMWs are not entirely trouble free cars - far from it. However, it seems that there are more specialists out there who know how to put one right, or who can get the correct parts to do so.

If all else fails, it is also generally easier to offload a BMW than a Saab and you would probably lose less in the process.

23rd Oct 2007, 16:21

I once had a 1987 9000 Turbo. My comments and review are in the review section. Great car, but simply falls to pieces. Mileage is high now, but serious things failed, such as head/head gasket/power steering/gearbox at very low mileage (40k miles) and continued to fail repeatedly (i.e. 3 gearboxes!).

Also have a BMW 5 Series. Can't even compare the cars. The BMW is by far the better driving, better built, better overall car. Have owned for similar miles to the SAAB, but no problems.

Have used long term rentals for the 'new' SAAB (if you can call a car built around a 15 year old platform new) and it feels like a 15 year old car. Worse actually; feels like a tarted up Vauxhall. It is a mistake to even put BMW and SAAB in the same category.

Yes, you will deny this, but go out and take a long term test of a 5 Series. There is a simple reason why the 5 series outsells the 9-5 by a million miles.