5th Jul 2007, 21:00

Regarding the previous poster's comment on variable quality, this happens with every make and model of car to a degree.

However, it seems that with Saabs, the quality variance does tend to be major.

I used to work at a regional job with Saab and can assure you that there are those who swear by their cars and, at the same time, many who swear at them.

The trouble is that there seem to be many more in the latter camp than the earlier and this has impacted residual values for the make severely.

A good Saab makes a great used buy owing to the much lower asking price it commands than other premium makes. Unfortunately, there just is no way to tell a good one from a bad one, so it's a case of trying your luck.

Also, it would seem that with the other premium contenders, it is a whole lot easier to dispose of them should the car give issues, than it is with a Saab.

8th Jul 2007, 11:20

I had a 9000 for 10 years - 190k miles and was delighted with a trouble-free time. Understandably I replaced it with a '95 2.0l Estate.

When you have established trust, it is a great disappointment when you are let down by a relentless torrent of problems, the most serious of which has been oil sludging leading to engine failure. It may be that I have been unlucky. I would like to see meaningful statistics on replacement parts (including engines).

Do think twice about (re)buying Saab. I wish I had!

31st Jul 2007, 15:58

I own a Saab 2001 9-5 v6 Turbo. Bought it new. For the price I can't imagine a more fun car to drive. Handling, braking, and those air-conditioned seats are great. BUT the electrical system is atrocious. We'll probably go with a Honda when we get a new car.

The Saab headlights go out constantly. The SID has been replaced 3 times (when under warranty) and has gone out yet again. It'll cost $400 to $600 to replace. Warning lights come on for, what turns out to be, no reason. The security system occasionally shuts down the car.

Also, the air conditioner is the worst in any car I've ever been in. We live in Texas. If the temp outside gets above 85 the car can't deliver air-conditioned air unless you're driving over 40 mph. Heck, a crummy old Ford can deliver cool air in the hottest of weather.

So, if you're considering a Saab understand it's a lot of fun to drive, but get ready for lots of repairs and a poor air conditioner.

1st Aug 2007, 19:23

We've owned a 1999 9-5 Wagon for 2 years. Started with 72,000 miles, and it now has 97,000. While I agree with the postings regarding the pleasurable drive and performance, I must side with those who will likely not buy another SAAB again. Ditto to the multiple headlight replacements, SID failures, and engine hesitation issues.

We've also replaced the ignition cassette (stranded my wife, 2 daughters, and 2 dogs in a not-so-nice place at night), and are currently faced with a $2700 ABS failure. Previous postings confirm the availability of re-built ABS modules for $140-$180. Check out autoecu.com and bba-reman.com. A quick look at their websites and previous postings indicate it's an easy fix, and much less expensive.

Hope this helps someone else.

27th Aug 2007, 20:10

Have owned everything from Honda, Toyota, Acura, VW, Volvo. Mercedes, and even an Isuzu Trooper. (been driving for 24 years)

My favorite? Saab. 2nd fave? Probably the Trooper -great for 4x4 adventures!

Currently have a 2004 95 Arc with a bit over 70,000. Until today, only routine maintenance (plus a few recalls). The check engine light came on this morning and I need take it in to see what is going on. It runs fine so hopefully, nothing major. Actually, that is how I found this site as I googled “check engine light, saab”. Reading these comments scare me, so far, I guess I’m one of the lucky ones.

Had a 2001 95 SE and traded it in after 90,000. I miss the seats and stereo on that thing. I never liked the way the 01 shifted and the AC started blowing hot air. The dealer said it was a $15.00 or so part, but it would cost something like $1,500 for labor. So, I traded it in for the 04.

I’ll probably get a 93 Aero for my next car. Maybe next year when the all-wheel-drive comes out?


PS. Have met a lot of happy Saab owners.

28th Aug 2007, 23:28

I recently bought a 2001 9-5 Aero wagon with 61k miles from a used car dealer but could not get info about its repair history. The car drives beautifully but today the engine yellow warning light and transmission yellow warning light came on at the same time. I shut down the car and waited several hours before restarting the engine. The warning lights did not come back on. Does anyone know what these two warning lights signify when they come on at the same time? Are the simultaneous warning lights signs of a fault in the electrical system? Has anyone else experienced this problem?

30th Aug 2007, 06:11

I bought a Saab 95 SE 2001 about a year ago with around 100,000km, with an extended 200k 3 year warranty, since then I've done about 20,000km and the car runs superbly, I had one issue with the power windows and took it to the saab dealer who spent about an hour fixing it on the spot free of charge, The car has only EVER been serviced at saab with SYNTHETIC oil changes at services. I recently took it on a trip and clocked 850km ON one tank of fuel. Very happy with SAAB and customer service, but looks like I am one of the lucky ones.

12th Sep 2007, 15:40

I think the majority of these problems are due to the sludge issues, which are a known design flaw. If you have the sludge cleaned out before the engine develops problems and follow the instructions on the internet for the SID and ABS problems that creep up, the car is otherwise solid. The other issues I see here are not uncommon across makes. Turbos go in any car without rhyme or reason. I can't think of any car brands that aren't owned by some conglomerate- the 95-97 Jags with Ford parts were the most reliable cars they ever made. I even recall once reading that some Lamborghinis had headlights from the Nizzan 300zx. So the "GM" argument seems weak. "Everyone hates their Saab"- I think people are more apt to complain than give complements (ask anyone that has ever worked in the service industry), especially on the internet. A lot of these issues are characteristic of European cars; look at the 2000-2005 Mercedes- they are complete lemons. It is a price you pay for something "different" that performs well; for those who said the crappiness of Saab is evident by their sales, look again at the horrible reliability of the German makes, yet they aren't doing poorly at all. The same blue frowny faces can easily be seen on carsurvey for these German makes (or even for Toyota Camrys). Again, maybe people that are angry are more apt to post it on carsurvey.

Change the oil every 212 hours of driving (or use the 3000 mile guide). I've even heard of people putting a tiny amount of ATF in the oil, but I've never done that. Don't drive it like a maniac, change the oil with synthetic like a fiend, and keep the sludge away (my mechanic installed a different screen, something he claims is from a jet- ironic for a Saab). Headlights? Just an annoyance, not like a major issue. Just enjoy the car and find a GREAT independent garage (I can't believe how many people are going to the dealer, who purposely sells you unnecessary replacement parts at astronomical prices!).