13th Feb 2007, 18:06

I own a 95 sedan for six months now it has 114,000 miles on it now. So far I had to change both front bearings, my alarm system is on the brink, my headlights blown twice, and get this both my check engine light and my check gearbox light came on at the same time. It's now in limp home mode. What could have caused both warning lights to come on at the same time? And what will happen if it's in limp home mode for an extended period of time? Any help would be great. Thanks for your time: Rob of Pit-star Kennels in NY.

13th Apr 2007, 10:49

I bought one of the first 95 V6 wagons brought over in 1999. I was thrilled when they came out with the car. All other alternatives were either too expensive (Mercedes) or not nearly the same car back then (Volvo). Like most SAAB owners I love the car when it works, but it has not been reliable some parts needing to be replaced twice. In fact with all the repairs done under warranty I do not know how SAAB has made any money. The sludge problem on the 4 cylinders is widely known being written in consumer reports; they say SAAB is handling it on a case-by-case basis, unlike other companies with similar problems. Another post mentioned to find a mechanic to fix items that the dealer wishes to replace. Good advice, they wanted to replace my fuel tank for $900, the car only having 70,000 miles. I had a mechanic replace the sending unit and whatever for $450.

Some things seem to be consistent with these cars, I had wheel bearings done at 60,000, throttle body at 70,000 but the SID display is now bad in mine and that part every car seems to have gone bad, except for the few lucky ones. I have noticed this on other forums also. This part I believe warrants a recall from SAAB, and an attorney could make a lot of money for there is a real case here. Any thoughts from anybody? robert.london@gmail.com.

I would buy another SAAB, but only with a 10 year, 100,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty. My brother in law has a Honda minivan, and while it has been reliable it is nothing like driving my SAAB.

19th Apr 2007, 23:30

Last month (March 2007) I finally got fed up with my '03 9-5 Linear and traded it in for a 2006 Kia Spectra. I made the mistake of posting this info on "Saabnet" website and I was crucified. I had the car for only 14 months (but 50,000 miles) and ran through a battery and ignition cassette (both replaced under warranty), fuel tank ($700), and throttle body $600). That doesn't look too bad especially for 50K miles, but the SID unit was going out, something under the hood was whining (alternator, water pump?), and the transmission would make a loud clunk when shifting from drive to neutral or park. Driving so many miles, mostly for work, I needed something reliable and economical.

The Kia is covered by a 60K mile bumper to bumper warranty, 100k mile drivetrain, and 5 year towing. Sure, its not fast, but that's O.K. considering I got 4 four speeding tickets in the Saab. Anyone who knocks Kia should check the latest Consumer Reports rating for the '05 Spectra. Engine and tranny better than average.

The only thing I really miss is the sunroof.

6th Jun 2007, 15:47

I own a 2000 Saab 95, it is the biggest piece of junk one could imagine. Replaced parts... heater box, water pump, brakes, by-pass valve, heater box again... head light bulbs..many..ignition parts, ignition key sticks.. the lists gos on and on and on... never ever would I buy another one again.

26th Jun 2007, 13:31

I own a 1999 Saab 9-5. It has 143500 miles with the original turbo, engine, transmission, and clutch. The car drives quite very well and my wife and I love it. This is our fourth car. Our first was a Mercedes 190E, the second a Toyota Camry, and the third a VW Passat. I have to say our Saab has been the cheapest of the four to own. The Camry beat the Saab's repair bill. As far as sludge, the sludge occurs from a combination of turbo heat PLUS a faulty positive crank ventilation design. The PCV was redesigned for either the '04 or '05 model year. The recommended oil change intervals were incorrect. I change my oil faithfully every 3000 miles with semi-synthetic. SAAB's reliability, according to Consumer Reports, is average--not great, no the worst. Something to remember is that every make and model has its lemons. The sludge issue is an unfortunate design flaw, though it occurs in '98-'01 Toyota Camrys and similar year Passats and A4s. Just a head's up for those having issues--if you suspect sludge and your car has not yet died, have a mechanic drop the oil sump and clean it as well as the oil pickup tube. For those with a SID that is unreadable, search Ebay. There's a company out of MA that repairs the displays with a lifetime warranty. Cost me $125 plus shipping.

27th Jun 2007, 18:07

I have a 2001 95. My engine warning light went on today, and I am going to take it in to my mechanic tomorrow. I decided to do some troubleshooting online & found this site. I hope I don't need a new engine! I change my oil regularly and have not had any problems with sludge or otherwise.

Last time the warning light went on it turned out to be a throttle body. Anyone had multiple throttle body replacements specifically on the 2001 95?? Thanks.

30th Jun 2007, 22:17

Responding to the person on June 27th who just had the Check Engine Light come on. I have a 2000 Saab 95 SE and had this problem recently. At first I was told my gas cap wasn't on tight enough. When it happened a few days later, the Saab dealer hooked in the computer diagnostic deal and it proved to be the Ignition Cassette (these are like distributor caps). The guy I bought the car from a few months earlier had replaced the front IC and the V6 has two of these units so I had to replace the other. They replaced the spark plugs at the same time and gave the car a tune up. Total charge was $600.

According to what I've read these IC need to be replaced often.

Good luck.

3rd Jul 2007, 12:42

We have had three Saabs in the past 25 years; 1977 99EMS, 1986 900S and 2000 9-5 and have loved all of them. We bought them all as a few years old used car. Repairs have only been of the normal replacement variety.

The remarks on the 9-5's though are starting to scare me. After 4 years, we have encountered our first problem: not starting when the engine is hot. We're trying to research & fix the problem ourselves as we've had problems with the local Saab dealer and of course repairs are expensive.

I'm curious as to why people have such different experiences with their Saabs. I've read real horror stories here which contrast greatly with our experiences. Are these just lemons? Has the quality diminished since GM took over? If there are systemic and/or design problems, why are there such differences? In short, I guess I'm wondering why there are such differences in quality in the same model and year Saabs.

Any thoughts?