24th Nov 2006, 17:02

How can you say most Saab owners will never buy another? That's a ridiculous statement. I know many Saab owners that are very loyal to the make. Most love their Saabs. Mine is a wonderful car. I'll certainly buy another. Please speak for yourself and not for all Saab owners (or the disgruntled ones that post on this site).

1st Dec 2006, 11:44

When you say most love their Saabs, that is false. The majority of Saab owners are unsatisfied with their car and do not buy another.

If Saab owners were a satisfied bunch then Saab would be doing much better. Saab has almost left Canada, only to be found in major cities. My Saab dealer closed due to lack of sales as did the next closest and the next. I now must drive over 200 miles to get to the closest Saab dealer! Clearly, they ain't doing a great job of getting repeat customers. Things like leaky sunroofs, broken transmissions, failed electronics, etc. tend to discourage repeat business.

Jerome York a member of GM's board of directors has repeatedly called the purchase of Saab a huge mistake, has called it a dog, and has called for its sale. Buying anything Saab, the car or the company, is a huge mistake.

1st Dec 2006, 14:03

That is your opinion, which I totally discount.

If GM considers Saabs "dogs" it is due to their mishandling the marque (the 9-2 for example).

Saabs were and still are in my opinion fine premium automobiles.

3rd Dec 2006, 23:09

I agree in its entirety. According to GM's annual report, which it filed with SEC, Saab continues to lose money year after year after year. Second, Consumer Reports has an avoid to buy Saab. Personally, I made a mistake of buying a Saab.

5th Dec 2006, 09:30

To balance it here a bit, I have to write here that since 1985 I have my 5th Saab, now it's 2000 95 aero and I am happy with the car just as much as I was with my previous Saabs. In the future I will buy another Saab again. I'm sorry for the poor people that run into some, maybe bad pieces, maybe only badly serviced pieces of Saab 95, but all I know about 95s is that most of people I know that own them are very happy and purchase Saabs again and again. It's only a machine and things can get broken, especially when the car doesn't receive the care it deserves, but it's still one of the most reliable cars around. The key is to give it the right service. I live in Europe and again, with proper oil changes and good care I had no serious problem with any Saab so far... in 21 years...

5th Dec 2006, 11:06

I'll stand by my statement that I know plenty of Saab owners who love their cars and buy them (Saabs) again & again.

I am one such satisfied customer (and I am not easily satisfied!)

5th Dec 2006, 14:49

Every car has its adherents. Scan the Internet and you'll find fanatic owners of Yugos, Ford Festivas (and I'm one of them!), and other cars the rest of the automotive world dismisses.

But Saabs aren't really Saabs anymore. They are just platform-shared vehicles that happen to be built in Sweden. And the core Saab buyer these days doesn't even care about the brand - the bestselling Saab in America is the idiotic 9-7 SUV that is a warmed over Chevy Trailblazer. I doubt any real Saab fanatic would go near such a piece of junk.

Saabs are brilliant cars in concept, but the execution leaves much to be desired.

That said, I still believe Saab has a unique place in the market and it simply is not exploiting it. This "born from jets' campaign rings hollow.

6th Dec 2006, 04:37

I have a 1999 Saab 95. The services show the oils changed each 5000 kms, and oil is clean and gauge shows oil in engine, however a warning alarm buzzer now stays on when car is started - would the sludge stop oil getting around in the motor??. Mind you I am going to a mechanic 2kms away in the morning. Thanks.

18th Jan 2007, 08:38

I bought a 2000 9-5 with 58K miles. I LOVE it when it runs; it drives like a dream. In less than 2 years I have spent nearly 10K on repairs. While under the original warranty the oil was changed every 5k miles. This was done for FREE at the dealer AND they used regular oil. When I bought the car I had the oil changed twice (every 5K) and at 68K the oil light came on...surprise, I needed a new engine. Since my car was out of the original warranty, I took my car to a Engine Repair shop specializing in imports (Porsche, Ferrari, etc). They put a new engine in my SAAB for $6400!! I was without a car for 2 months while SAAB shipped an engine from across the pond. Now I run synthetic oil every 5k.

I decided I should take my car back to the dealer for all work. My engine light continues to come on but they can't pinpoint the problem. They have repaired nearly every thing on my car...exhaust, new alarm, bearings, brakes, rotors, wiring behind my dash, but the egine light STILL comes on. They finally told me that my gas cap was loose!

AT 90K I had this huge tune up and they replaced the exhaust and the alarm..$2100. 1/2 mile from the shop my engine light came on again...re-wire...$350. I drove the car cross country and my speedometer & cruise control went out. I was without a car for 3 months while I argued with the dealers in two different cities and SAAB USA for help. I had to replace the ABS computer thingy (technical term) for $3200. AND I just read that I could have repaired it for $180!!! My car runs like a BIG diesel 18 wheeler; the engine is NOT smooth and the steering wheel vibrates. My dealer says that is normal. What? It didn't run like that prior to the expensive tune up!

I just faxed all my service records to SAAB USA for a refund of the engine. I contacted the Attorney General's office and filed a suit against my dealer under consumer protection for NOT honoring their 12 months service warranty. When I drive my car out of the garage at the dealer it should not break down in their parking lot!

I love the handling of my SAAB, but I honestly cannot afford to continue to pay for the repair.

My dealer invited me NOT to bring the car back to the dealership for repair ever again. SAAB customer service is a complete JOKE. All I hear is a bunch of lip service about how they don't control the dealer. I am seriously thinking about suing THEM!

The car is named appropriately... I SAAB about all the $$$ I have spent and the time I have been without a car!

If there is a class action suit started, please let me know.


24th Jan 2007, 15:48

I have a 1995 Nissan Maxima with 155,000 miles and it has proven to be a much better vehicle than my wife's 2000 9.5 Saab Wagon with under 65,000 miles. Nice car... if you have deep pockets! Otherwise go Japanese.