1988 SAAB 900 S 1.8L from North America


Saab makes quality automobiles.


Wire harness caught fire, car is now dead.

Car needs approx. $3k to be restored.

Seat belt motors never worked.

Engine is overheating - losing coolant.

Cannot regulate cabin heat.

CD player not ejecting properly.

General Comments:

I miss driving my Saab. It was a joy to drive, it fit all five of us. I wish I could afford to restore it.

I need help finding a replacement wiring harness, the dealership wants more than the cars market value for a new harness.

I am almost ready to give it up.

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Review Date: 28th January, 2006

30th Jan 2006, 01:37

Can't you just buy another 900, after all, the one you have is 19 years old!

30th Jan 2006, 14:08

Check out www.saabcentral.com and log on to the forums. Those guys can help you get parts cheaper and advise you on repairs.

30th Jan 2006, 15:47

Wow that old Saab doesn't owe you a thing. 19 years old, I know a lot of 19 year olds who have caused a lot more trouble. Give her a good burial, she's served you well.

1988 SAAB 900 SPG 2.0L turbo 16v DOHC from North America


It was a lemon when I bought it, but it is now back on track :)


In order by date (oldest -> most recent)

Replaced transmission the day I bought it (down in WV at his shop) along with front and rear main seals.

Rebuilt Clutch Slave Cylinder.

Rebuilt Clutch Master Cylinder.

Head gasket blew shortly after I bought it.

Engine started to knock and lost a lot of power apx 1,000 miles after replacing head gasket.

Distributor went bad.

Seized brake caliper in the rear.

Installed X-Drilled rotors and performance pads all around.

Swapped engine and tranny from my 1990 900T. Donor motor had 200k.

Replaced exhaust.

Shift linkage rod bushing failed.

Ignition Key cylinder was faulty.

General Comments:

OK... this car has been a serious lemon, however... it is my dream car and it has 0 rust on it. I bought it knowing it needed a tranny, however the rest of the problems have been totally uncalled for.

The previous owner obviously didn't take care of it, and probably beat on it.

It is in good hands now as I have 3 other Saab's including a 1989 900T, a 1983 900 4 door, and a 1973 Sonett III.

I fix everything on my own, and parts are very cheap.

The car is finally coming together and it is starting to behave like a Saab should. It just needed a lot of TLC.

Overall, the car is an excellent car and it is VERY fast. I am currently running 18 psi of boost and have many performance modifications. I am very easy on it though ;) I only use the power when I need it hehe.

SPG's are sexy, fast, luxurious, comfortable, and handle like nothing else. They are great cars.

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Review Date: 4th October, 2005

1988 SAAB 900 S 2.0 from North America


Ya don't have to be a yuppie to love this car


Replaced ball joints and CV covers.

Power steering noise.

Plastic seat release levers broke off.

Screws under shift lever boot fell out.

Windshield washer jets quit working.

Tailpipe melted rear Bumper.

General Comments:

I found this little gem hidden under the snow on a lot in Anchorage. The ignition switch had frozen. Lucky me!

It seats my family of five, it has carried 22 large apple boxes when I had to move 400 miles to start a new job, and the passenger seat was still empty!

I spend very little on fuel, it gets about 30 mpg.

It is quick, tight, and a technical marvel for its age. I love working under the hood.

My wife drove it twice and now it is "her car." Gotta get her a nice new rig so I can get my car back!

Replacement light assemblies are TOO EXPENSIVE, and replacement gas caps are OUTRAGEOUSly over-priced.

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Review Date: 7th December, 2004

4th Feb 2005, 13:01

The Saab 900 S is a great car. Being a new Saab Guy I didn't quite understand the car. I have always owned Volvo. My Saab 900 S is a 1989. Great Car. be sure if you buy one to check the following;

A). Computer-Located on the passenger side firewall.

B). Fuel Pump- Make sure it is clean and has a new fuel filter.

C). Have the charging system tested to make sure the alternator is in good shape. Alternators in Saab's are generally strong.

D).Headliners--make sure they are sealed or you may have to replace.

E). Stuck Valves... You will know because it will sound like a misfired spark plug.

Overall...I am very pleased!!! Run like no other car I have ever owned.

Mark Gilliam

Marietta, Georgia.