1989 SAAB 900 S normally aspirated from North America


A car made for the working class man!


Broken engine mount.

Bad ground wire.

Broken shifter linkage.

Replacement of CV joints.

New wires, plugs, distributer cap.

Interior lights doesn't work.

Radio malfunctioned.

No second gear.

Master cylinder rebuilt.

General Comments:

It would seem from all of the statements above that I would not like my car. However, I actually love it. I bought the car when I was sixteen and have since then run the guts out of it for the past seven years. This car has seen unpaved mountain roads. I have raced this car over snow and mud. I believe this car is a true survivor.

I have done little to maintain the car aside from regularly changing the oil. So why do I really like the car? Well, even though nothing works on it, I can get on the highway and go 90 miles an hour no problem. The car feels sturdy and safe. Theres no rattling, the steering wheel doesn't shake, and there is little road noise.

I believe that the inherent quality of the vehicle is retained even as the years pay their toll on the Saab. I bought the car for 3,200 dollars, and in seven years I have barely put a grand into it.

This car isn't luxurious or sexy, but it is essentially reliable. Little things go wrong from time to time, but the engine has ALWAYS run smooth and strong. I recommend this car to anyone on a tight budget.

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Review Date: 5th February, 2004

1989 SAAB 900 S 2.0 16v from North America


Beautiful, unique and original styling, that Saab is to this day, having a hard time to top


So far I have not had any problems, although the typical older SAAB trademarks can be found, such as the cracking dashboard, broken air conditioning, but besides those things, everything else works.

General Comments:

This car has already gained my trust. It works and handles beautifully, and really gets noticed (some people love the look of SAABs, and others don't).

The interior is very comfortable, and the exterior is almost mint shape, even though the previous owner told me he used this car as his primary vehicle (including the winter).

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Review Date: 17th September, 2003

1989 SAAB 900 Turbo Convertible 16-Valve turbo from North America


Comfort, Performance, and luxury in convertible form!


Transmission: When I purchased the car the gearbox was leaking and eventually 4th gear began to pop out, it was drive-able, but was a real pain, so I had it replaced with a good used unit.

The exhaust gasket was leaking a little bit, but was replaced with the transmission.

The power steering also had a weeping gasket and it was fixed along with the transmission.

The total for having everything repaired was $1100 which has put the car in like new condition!

I plan to put the car in better than new condition by replacing the dated smoke gray bumpers with freshly painted sleek black bumpers. Then finish the car off with euro style Xenon Headlights.

General Comments:

The car features the classic SAAB body style which is becoming more and more in demand. These cars will also last forever if cared for correctly, for a car of its age mine looks like it just rolled off the showroom floor especially with the top down and the boot cover on.

SAAB did such a beautiful job designing these convertibles which makes them look just as gorgeous with the top up as they do with the top down.

The interior is so Spacious with enough room to seat 4 adults comfortably. The heated leather seats are upholstered with lovely thick tan leather that perfectly matches every aspect of the luxurious tan interior.

This SAAB drives like a dream, being the Turbo model this car takes off and is very throttle responsive with little to no turbo lag.

Being such a sporty car the SAAB has the steering to match. A tight responsive power steering system has always been a prized feature on Saabs.

The convertible top is probably one of the nicest I have ever seen. The top is extremely durable and features a headliner that that silences all road noise and gives the interior the look of a coupe. The hydraulic top motor allows the top to operate smooth and silently.

The SAAB-GUARD alarm system is useless and I am looking forward to replacing it with a more versatile system that features remote keyless entry.

This car is an amazing value for an amazing price. Many people want outrageous amounts for their Saabs, I have seen them go for as high as $11000 which when it comes to quality is still a good deal.

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Review Date: 22nd June, 2003