1989 SAAB 900 Turbo 4 cylinder 16v turbo from North America


Water pump.

Transmission grinds - but hasn't broke (yet).

Oil leak in head gasket.

Transmission fluid leaks.

Frame bent in wreck.

Strut bearing started going out.

Turbo gauge broke.

When you take past 80 mph, the seat belts wildly go back and forth - but don't move otherwise... the fuse is fine though.

The car doesn't shift when it is suppose to unless you flip the car from second to drive.

The car vapor locks constantly.

The antifreeze leaks.

General Comments:

I drove this car pretty hard... and it really cost me. I don't know where you're from, but I live in Lewiston, Idaho and I had to travel about 40 minutes to get any service on it. An oil change and tune up was 400 dollars to give you an idea. The water pump was 600.

I got in a wreck going about 60 into a curb, and it put my alignment off 4 inches and bent the frame, broke the rim, and the engine started making some slight clicking noises. It was 550 to replace the rim and over align the tires so it drives correctly. I didn't bother fixing the frame... they wanted 1500 to fix it.

I also bumped into someone once - it bent the headlight and dented the hood. When I went to get a quote, it was 1,800 to fix IF I could somehow find the discontinued parts it needed to fix the head light.

The hoses are to find in the right sizes... and trust; I have had to replace at least 5. I would usually find a tube I would have to force to fit.

I haven't even bother trying to get a quote on the electric problems the car has. Half the time the electrical stuff works and the other half it doesn't (seat belts, windows, sun roof, gauges, ect). The sad thing is that I feel like I'm forgetting more.

Although I will admit... the car went really fast for an old car. Once you hit 60 you can get to 100 in no time. Once you pop the turbo going that fast - all bets are off. That was the only thing I like about that car. Oh... the interior wasn't bad :)

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Review Date: 3rd August, 2009

10th Jun 2010, 21:09

Where do you get your parts from?? I got a brand new water pump for $45.99 at Advance Auto Parts...

1st Mar 2011, 18:33

Sounds like you would have Camry. Something you can run into the ground and forget about.

8th Oct 2013, 08:56

"Frame bent in wreck" isn't a fault of the car.

1989 SAAB 900 16v from North America


Fun to drive and work on!


ECM computer stopped working after I bought the car (got a new one from ebay for $40 LUCKY! $500 new) and the car wouldn't rev past 1500rpm.

Automatic idle control valve and mass airflow meter needed to be replaced. (replaced with used parts).

Fuel injector seals replaced due to lean running condition. (solved)

Bonnet latch cable snapped.

Exhaust to catalytic converter had a crack. Needed to be welded.

Scheduled maintenance.

General Comments:

Parts can be obtained easily and cheaply if you look in the right places (ie; not the dealer). This car needs to be fettled with, and the engine management system is a bit fussy (pity the poor Brits who got Lucas instead of Bosch). Once you get the problems sorted, the car runs like a top.

A good car for someone who can spin a spanner. I love the amount of space there is to work with under the bonnet; it is a backyard mechanic's dream. The B202i is bullet-proof, but the transmission is the Achilles heel. Shift into a forward gear before shifting into reverse to avoid a crunch.

Despite mine being naturally aspirated, it was a spirited performer with excellent steering feel and a buttoned down, firm ride. This was my first Saab. I had to sell it to pay for tuition, and I will own another (turbo this time) after school. Some people think they're weird, but I think they're unique and quite gorgeous.

There's just something about this car. Those who like Saab, like them a lot.

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Review Date: 5th June, 2008