1990 SAAB 900 4 cylinder from North America


A sharp car, but definitely overrated


The odometer doesn't work; will replace.

The A/C blows hot.

Lots of paint scratches.

Driver seat slightly loose, will tighten.

Have had to put on the hazards going up hills occasionally.

General Comments:

This car goes up hills like a slug.

Comfort is average.

Instrument cluster is laid out well.

Higher cost for parts.

No pep going up hills. My Reliant flew up hills.

This car hates going up hills - that's what happens when you put a 4 cylinder in a nearly 4,000 pound car.

This car is extremely sharp looking - a unique ride. Not a bland, dull, cookie cutter design.

This car has drawn compliments.

You want comfort and pep, buy a New Yorker.

It sucks up gas like a pickup truck - My Voyager averaged close to 30 mph. The Saab is about 19 MPG. Not good when gas is around $2.70 a gallon.

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Review Date: 18th August, 2010

28th Apr 2011, 13:55

This review I wrote some time ago. Regarding the sluggishness - apparently, there was a part that was disconnected, and never reconnected. (Probably done when I replaced the tranny.) The mechanic reconnected it, now it flies up hills. After owning the car nearly 8 months, I am very pleased with it. I bought it for a grand (as it had a bad transmission) and spent another grand getting a "new" tranny put in. Worth every penny! As long as you get used parts when you can, and don't mind paying extra for new parts like filters and such, you will have a reliable, well made car.

1990 SAAB 900 Turbo 2.0 turbo from North America


I would own another old Saab 900 in a New York minute!!!


Front shocks started leaking during winter storage, leaving a mystery puddle that took me a while to find where it was coming from.

The clutch is getting weak, but that will be serviced as soon as the car comes from winter storage in April.

Overall condition on the car is excellent for the rust belt of Ohio. Seats are good, and the carpet is in good shape. Body has some very minor rust, but barely any considering a car of this age.

General Comments:

This car has huge power, despite the clutch slipping very slightly. It is huge fun to drive, and excellent on back roads passing slower traffic. I can get behind a car going 40 in a 55mph zone, drop to third gear, and reach triple digits on the speedo by the time I get next to them. If starting in first gear at a brisk pace, first gear is almost useless, since you no more than get the clutch all the way out, you're on the rev limiter in first gear.

Handling is as good as can be expected from a 20 year old car design. I've driven this car pretty hard around a racecourse, and it was better than I thought it would be. Quite a push out of tight corners when the turbo would kick in, but excellent speed in the long straightaway at Nelson Ledges in Ohio. Seats are wonderful for comfort, although the seat warmers rarely work in cars of this age. Wind noise is also better than I expected from a convertible.

I also have a 1994 900S convertible, and it's never missed a beat, with nothing done to the car in 30,000 miles, and it gets 36 MPG. Great cars!!!

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Review Date: 1st April, 2010

1990 SAAB 900 Turbo 2.0 16v turbo from North America


Fast fast fast, with personality to boot!!!


Well I only paid $475 for it. It's a 16v 2.0 turbo.

I knew about all these things when I bought it, so it did not upset me to have to put some moolah into it :)

I have gotten a new battery - 85.00.

Used alternator, rear brake caliper, radio, horn contacts, a tire, seat heater switch. 160.00.

I just had the muffler replaced. 100.00 parts and labor at Meineke.

The head gasket is leaking coolant very slowly. I will replace within the next 500 miles.

Outer driver side tie rod. 17.99.

General Comments:

I have to first say I am very impressed with the sound the doors make when they close! I had a 1989 Mercedes 190e 2.6, and it feels the same when the doors close (extremely solid)!

My little brother just got a 1994 Acura Legend Coupe 6 speed MT, and he though his car was quick. I guarantee as soon as the 900 hits 3000 rpm and that turbo kicks in, I could easily stomp that Acura.

It has the most different look I have ever seen on a car. It's one year older than me, and I enjoy looking at it LOL.

Ya, it needs work, but it runs great.

I'm not really liking the way it shifts. It feels like the gears are really close together, and sometimes it's hard to get into 5th, but I hear it's common with these cars, and you have to just get used to it.

The interior is great. It's kinda weird cause the windshield kinda makes you feel like you're in a Jeep Wrangler, because it's really flat.

I plan on putting some money into this car and taking good care of it. Not to mention I get constant looks, and I could really care less if it's because my car is ugly or just weird looking, but at least you're getting looked at.

There is not another Saab 900 turbo in Liberty, mo and I'm very proud to own the only one LMAO. But so far it's a good car, and I hope I can pull another 50,000 miles out of her :)

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Review Date: 14th February, 2010

10th Jun 2010, 20:56

Hey everyone, it was not the head gasket that was leaking!!! It was a 49 cent freeze plug!!!