1990 SAAB 900 900i 16 valve 2 liter 16v from Australia and New Zealand


Bought car because wife liked it,it never fails to put a smile on my face when i drive it love it


Head gasket replaced 192000 kms.

Auto transmission rebuilt 240000kms.

Head lining sagged, replaced

Replaced radiator, replaced thermostat and various steel pipes and housings in cooling system.

Replaced water pump (not for faint hearted)

Overflow tank in coolant system replaced

Oil pressure switch replaced (cause of major oil leak)

Fuel pump replaced.

General Comments:

Over engineered, very strong car

Extremely comfortable car, good handling and brakes.

Controls well thought out.

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Review Date: 29th January, 2008

30th May 2008, 19:23

Owner of the original post. Presently the car is on 254000kms, running faultlessly at this stage, still being used by wife every day for work. Intend keeping it and will repair as necessary.

Replacement parts do not seem to be a problem; plenty of second hand bits available if needed.

Good independent servicing available in Perth Western Australia.

1990 SAAB 900 S 4 door from North America


This Saab makes me feel above the rest


My first Saab.. Owned a 633 Bimmer, it was nice, but there is nothing like a Saab! Just a power steering leak, and the roof, trunk, and hood (bonnet as the Brits say) need to be painted dark grey again.

General Comments:

Very classy car, everyone looks and stares, everything works on this Saab! Wunderbar!

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Review Date: 26th April, 2007

1990 SAAB 900 from North America


I would get other one if I find a good one


Time belt came of at 150000 but engine shut it self off.

170000 head gasket went.

189000 the car caught fire in the the engine while parked.

General Comments:

Love the car. best car I ever got to drive.

Very smooth ride even at 220km.


Not a cheap car to fix, but it worth the costs.

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Review Date: 19th February, 2006

1990 SAAB 900 Carlsson 2.0 16v DOHC turbo from UK and Ireland


A real drivers car, comfortable, speedy turbo models, cheap to own


I am actually in the process of rebuilding it so I can confidently say there were many more miles left in it.

The main reasons for the rebuild were to fix the paint, add some performance and to change the engine gaskets.

As for actual faults while I was driving it:

- Boot locking didn't always work when drivers lock was operated.

- Bracket holding exhaust to gearbox fell off and caused the exhaust to catch on speed bumps.

- Cruise control system is unreliable on these cars and mine broke because the thing that pulls the accelerator fell off - cheap easy fix.

- Selling dealer used T-Cut on the red paint and it started to fade badly soon after purchase - have had it resprayed now.

These cars are great. The running gear is bullet proof. The more regular problems are all with ancillary kit like central locking or air conditioning. If you want every thing to work well all the time then you have to be prepared to get your hands dirty! They are very rewarding cars to work on simply for the fact that things seem to quite simple whilst also being solid and well made.

General Comments:

People who buy these cars today as modern classics are usually extremely happy with them and are often found only to part with them for a newer or better spec'ed car. Often owners have/have had more than one Saab 900.

Both the 900i and the 900 turbo are great cars. The 900i is also fairly swift despite not being turbocharged.

I have owned 2 Saab 900's including a late low mileage turbo convertible and the car for which this review is being written. I also enjoyed driving a 900i although this wasn't my car.

The key to buying a good 900 is to make sure there is no rust and to buy a car with a specification you like. Rust at the bottom of the doors or sides of the bonnet is common, but can be easily fixed. Make sure that any rust you do see isn't in a place that is difficult to get to as that will be expensive to repair and could be the downfall of your 900. A pretty hot place for this kind of rust is behind the front wheels in the bottom of the engine bay - wet dirt collects in this area and it tends to cause rust - check both sides.

The 900 is a very comfortable car, epically if you go for the leather seats, some of the seats have a Bridge of Weir label in the head rests and this leather is exceptionally comfortable.

The load carrying capacity is very good with the combi/coupe and also pretty good with the saloon.

A 900 turbo is an easy car to tune, the engine can withstand a good hammering and will battle on for hundreds of thousands of miles - a very well built engine which handles additional performance easily.

There are 5 main output levels: (aprox figures)

- 2.0i: 130/140 bhp

- 2.0 8v turbo: 150bhp

- 2.0 16v light pressure turbo (LPT) : 150bhp

- 2.0 16v Turbo 175bhp

- 2.0 Ruby or Carlsson (UK models) 185bhp.

Something else to note about the car is the suspension setup. Double wishbones at the front and trailing-arm at the rear provides a squeak-free ride (i.e. no tire squeal unless you really push it) indicating a good setup.

Driving is a pleasure in this car, the seats give good support, there is a leather steering wheel and gear leaver option, it handles well and the performance is reasonable (turning to ‘insane’ if you decide to modify)

The fact that there is a really good supply of pattern-parts and discount resellers of genuine parts means this car can be kept on the road and in good condition without breaking the bank.

Saab club events are regular either as a member of the official Saab owners club or with one of the un-official Internet forums.

Above all – think very carefully when considering a 2nd generation 1993 onward Saab 900 as these cars are nowhere near as good as the original, are based on the Vauxhall Caviller chassis and only seem to appeal to a handful of ‘enthusiastic’ owners (there’s always a few) It also seems that there are more of the old classic-shape 900’s on the road compared when compared with the newer model. Things improved when the new Saab 93 was introduced – but the c900 is a hard car to beat.

I expect to have mine for many more years.

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Review Date: 10th September, 2005