13th Feb 2009, 17:46

Author of original review. Car has 260000kms still running well, used every day. Just replaced rear muffler section. Other than that no problems; hoping to reach 300000 kms.

14th Jul 2010, 23:10

Original author of review. The car is still going strong, and is still used daily. The metallic silver paint is starting to fade after 20 years, otherwise there are no problems up to 275000 kms. I am still aiming for 300000 km, then I will retire it.

8th Sep 2010, 22:46

Original author.

I just had the timing chain and slipper guide replaced at 276000 kms. $300.00, which is very reasonable. Engine like new. Tempted to leave it as is, but decided on repair.

9th Sep 2010, 14:43

Don't retire it. Keep it running as long as you can. You've overhauled the transmission at any rate. There are no cars today that will last the distance. Maybe if you drove like a cab driver and did 100,000 km in two years, sure. But not many cars will do distance AND age at the same time anymore.

Your car is one of those last few ones that had the minimum amount of "high tech" just to keep it compliant with legal regulations. The high tech of modern cars has its benefits, but they do not make cars more durable (less in fact) and these new devices are sooooooo expensive to fix. What's the point of a 12-20 year anti corrosion warranty if, on the 15th year, you need to spend $700 on a sensor? And now many others will fail in succession at that time?

Keep it!

23rd Aug 2011, 18:07

This isn't even remotely true. In fact, when it came to market, the 900 Turbo was one of the most technically sophisticated mass-produced cars available. Furthermore, modern cars are built vastly better than those in years past. Mass production techniques, materials science, and design understanding have improved by such a large degree, it's hard to find words to properly describe. I've owned over 20 cars including Saab 9000/900, all of which I service myself. I also work on modern cars for friends. The above comment clearly lacks any perspective. The 900 is a good car. It is not constructed better than any modern sports sedan.

9th Sep 2011, 04:46

Original author, car now at 285000.

Just replaced the front brake rotors. Brake rotors were distorted, resulting in uneven braking.

Cannot comment on 23 August 2011, other than to say that possibly this model 900 is more solid in terms of bodywork and the suspension department than present day models.

I would say that a lot of more recent motor vehicles are compromised in terms of only being suitable for smooth roads and city driving.

Judging from reviews on newer models, classic 900s have more of a following amongst their owners, and owners are maybe more willing to live with their known faults.

25th Jan 2013, 05:53

Author of the original review. The car is now approaching 300000kms.

Still in daily use. Just replaced front ball joints on the front suspension. Rubber boots torn on joints. The car keeps plugging on.

Mechanic commented that these older cars could mostly be fixed easily. This was not the case with more modern ones. Ball joints are cheap at A$30 per joint. Have decided to keep it going instead of buying cheap modern rubbish.

16th Mar 2016, 11:26

Author of original review. Ended up giving the car to somebody that needed a vehicle but could not afford to pay for it. The car is still running in a very neglected state. Bought a new vehicle - bad move, should have kept the Saab.