1993 SAAB 900 900S from North America


OK, but not great - avoid the automatic 4D sedans!


I've owned the car for two years.

Cracked head gasket.

Brake pads.

Air conditioning fan and switch.

Ball joints.

Right now, other common Saab-quirky things - auto door locks work intermittently, headliner is starting to bubble, passenger window doesn't always open, or opens very slowly.

General Comments:

Compared to other Saabs I've owned (900, 9000, 9-3) this one is sort of a clunker. The automatic transmission is quite sluggish compared to a manual. No discernible passing gear. Runs very smooth once you get up to freeway speed, just takes a bit of time getting there.

Very stable on fast turns and curvy roads.

The windshield is really low! I'm 5'6" and have to hunker down to see traffic lights. That is annoying. The five-door Saabs I had weren't like this (this is a 4D sedan.)

Comfortable seats, but minimal leg room in back.

Considering the size of the car, not stellar mileage, low 20s.

Very abruptly curved windshield, which makes it hard to get wipers to clean all the glass. (The headlight wipers are cute, and useful too, though.)

The good stuff:

It's a Saab. :)

Excellent fit and finish everywhere. Glossy paint, nothing falling off inside, stitching all intact, shows little wear for the age.

Very solid and safe.

Great winter car, (I'm in Michigan.) Plows through snow and deep slush like a little four wheeler. Plus, if you hit something, it's a tank! A queen sized mattress flew off a truck on the highway in front of me last winter. I went right over the top of it, was able to avoid hitting the guardrail (on the freeway in snow) and wound up in the ditch. The bumper skin was hanging off, but I was able to get it reattached myself, so no real worries.

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Review Date: 9th October, 2005

1st May 2006, 20:58

I definitely agree about the windshield being too low! I'm 6'1" and always had a hard time seeing traffic lights. I had a '92 900 3 door hatch that was an automatic and you're right, these transmissions aren't really interested in downshifting too much! My 3 speed auto started slipping at 153,000 and lost 2nd gear all together shortly thereafter. I think my head gasket was about to go as well... sold it to someone who had the time and money to fix it. I loved my 900, though. They really are great cars!

21st May 2006, 16:57

Original reviewer here.

Auto trans started to go out (searching for gears, wouldn't up-shift, clunking sound when dropping gear) at 143K. Sold the poor little thing for $400 because I didn't want to deal with replacing the $$transmission.$$ Worth it for someone who can replace it themselves, costly to have done.

Love Saabs, that was my fifth one, but wouldn't ever buy an automatic again - too slow, too expensive to replace. What was I thinking?

7th Aug 2006, 05:18

I adored my Saab which has just been written off.

The auto transmission was fabulous - honest and I always knew where I was not like modern transmissions that are too smart for their own good.

Maintained and respected, they will go for ever. That "sluggish" thing off at the lights translates into fuel economy - and they really go for it from then on!

A wonderful motorcar sorely missed.

1993 SAAB 900 900i Convertible 2.1 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


A very recommendable stylish convertibe


Head light globe died.

Battery died due to leaving on the interior room lamp overnight (my fault)

Engine gasket is supposed to be needing replacement. But no leaks so far.

General Comments:

Some repairers dislike the car. Some are unreliable. The dealer has the diagnostic machines, but are expensive.

Replaced the roof, but am needing to replace it again as it got broken into. The replacement cost 1600 dollars. However, it will last 10 years and or 150,000km.

The interior plastics are weak to the punishing Aussie sun. Glove compartment panel is bent. Louvre on the air-con ducts are damaged. The plastic cover surrounding the shift lever is cracked.

Shift lever connection is a bit ambiguous.

Engine very sound and still going strong. The electric roof action is very smooth. A good fun car. The ride is good, handling and acceleration is good. I love the square design and the low engine sound.

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Review Date: 9th January, 2005

20th Feb 2008, 01:22

Hi, I was just wondering where you got your roof replaced? Any suggestions appreciated.



19th Aug 2009, 06:22

Anyone know what the cause of a major oil leak (motor oil) coming from between the auto tranny and engine block???

20th Aug 2009, 01:24

Re: Major oil leak. I have had a Saab 900 for many years, had a major oil leak that turned out to be the oil pressure switch.