1993 SAAB 900 Turbo 2.0 turbo from North America


Power, different style, luxury and reliability- Saab 900 turbo convertible


The 4th gear of the manual transmission popped out so the Saab dealer fixed it for $600. The convertible top is a little old and has moisture/ humidity black spots on it. I will eventually change it when my budget recovers from the $600 spent on the transmission!

General Comments:

I bought the car from a wholesale dealer with 58000 miles last January. It needed minor work on the transmission, since 4th gear popped out, I repaired it for 600 dollars at a Saab dealership. (Expensive isn't it?). After that the car hasn't given me any mechanical problems. The power convertible top has a few holes and some humidity black spots because the previous owners didn't have a garage, this made me a little suspicious about rust possibly appearing eventually. Anyway, the car runs great, the turbo power is impressive, specially on those 2 lane highways passing the trailers. It is really a powerful acceleration that kicks in on 2nd and 3rd gears. The car wants to fly. The only thing I don't like about the car is the transmission. When I am at a stoplight and shift to the first gear, sometimes it shifts to 3rd. Not a good thing to do on rush hour at a traffic jam. To sum it up, the car is great. Not for everyone, since the style is really different. But you will definitely get attention!

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Review Date: 20th February, 2004

1993 SAAB 900 2.0/4 from UK and Ireland


A good car that will last forever given a chance


Windscreen replaced in 1998.

Clutch fixed at 100,000 miles.

Power steering started to leak at 90,000 miles.

Other than that their have been very few problems apart from having to replace ties and exhausts and a couple of new light bulbs.

General Comments:

This car handles very well and is beautiful, but don't buy a red car as the paint fades with time.

The cabin is comfortable and lasts a long time it can be considered dull by some, but a think it is nice and has a quality feel to it.

This car drives like a dream and is not to be raced, but is nice to cruise along motorways and dual-carriageways as well.

Equipment levels are good for it's time though are now dated in comparison to today's standards.

Reliability is good on this car ther3 is nothing to fault at all.

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Review Date: 15th November, 2003

27th Jun 2016, 18:00

It is true that red cars seem to suffer more from paint fading than other colors. It isn't a big deal however, as it is very easy and inexpensive to restore it to looking nearly new, provided that you have paint that is not 'metallic' and is not 'clear coated'. Just go to any auto parts or hardware store and pick up a can of DuPont 'polishing compound' (do not get the more abrasive 'rubbing compound'). No power tools or power buffer are required. Use a soft towel with some polishing compound and apply in a circular motion to the paint. After it looks shiny, repeat the process with an automotive 'cleaner wax' (like Meguiars) which has an even finer abrasive to remove the oxidized paint. Done properly, you can make a faded red (or other non-metallic/non-clear coated finish) look like new. Just exercise a bit of caution so you don't overdo it, you are removing a very thin layer of oxidized paint, but you want to retain as much of the good remaining and now shiny paint as possible. Don't forget to wax your car when done.

1993 SAAB 900 i 16v Convertable 2.1 litre from Australia and New Zealand


Convertible for 4 people without BMW price


Nothing really, found a good private Saab mechanic which cut service prices down.

The roof was in fairly good condition with no leaks.

Seats and interior were in excellent condition.

General Comments:

Great car for summer and winter.

The heated seats for winter meant you could have the roof off on clear days.

Excellent handling and good power for overtaking.

Best convertible this side of a BMW for 4 Adults.

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Review Date: 7th November, 2002

1993 SAAB 900 SE 16v 2.0 light pressure turbo from UK and Ireland


New air conditioning switch on purchase. At first service warped rear discs replaced. The lambda probe also had to be removed, cleaned and refitted as the engine warning light kept on coming on. Other than that just a new clutch at 79,000 miles.

General Comments:

Very fast even though not the full blown turbo, out accelerates most on the road, fantastic for fast country lanes and overtaking. Turbo lag a great rush once mastered! Exhaust note great, it growls (better than Impreza Turbo's). One of the best cars for carrying 200 bottles of Champagne at 120mph without having to look like an estate.

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Review Date: 22nd June, 2000