1997 SAAB 900 SX 2.0 petrol from UK and Ireland


Seriously good car, great build quality and good drive


Rear disks worn & grooved - disks replaced.

Radiator blocked - Rad and thermostat replaced.

Rear break pad clips broken - clips replaced.

The Air Con evaporator failed at around 130k a very expensive repair, around £900 in the UK at this age not worth doing.

General Comments:

This has been a great car, it gives what I think is the best compromise between handling and comfort. Stiff enough to be engaging, but still gives a compliant ride on average roads with none of the bump/thump of an out and out sports model.

Economy is around 33 - 34 mpg although 40 mpg is possible with care on motorway driving.

Few faults in a lot of miles and no breakdowns.

Build quality is very good interior looks like a 30,000 miler.

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Review Date: 22nd July, 2004

1997 SAAB 900 SE Taledega 2.0 petrol from UK and Ireland


A second hand bargain


The fan belt jockey wheel destroyed itself two weeks after I got the car - quite common apparently (£30.00 for a new belt, I got the jockey wheel from a breakers for £2.00) but apart from that it has been faultless.

General Comments:

Strange car this one, handling a bit vague.

Performance not electrifying

Fuel consumption very poor.


Good boot size

Decent cabin (lots of toys)

Great on the motorway (fuel consumption improves a bit - but only a bit)

Very comfortable and quiet.

When I bought this car for my wife I thought I would hate it, but to be quite honest with you despite its faults I really like it. It is a strange phenomenon, as soon as you start to drive it you get a sort of calm feeling, you don't need to overtake the person in front, you let people out at junctions, it's a sort of anti-BMW very strange.

One of the best things about this car though is that it is not a Mondeo/Vectra/Cavalier yes I know it shares the floorpan with the Cav, but most of it is Saab (The only common parts I could find were the rear wash/wipe squirter, the boot catch - which I have banged my head on so many times I have lost count - the headlight adjuster switch and one other thing which I can't remember now!) it has a Saab engine (with a cam-chain, so no massive bills if the cam-belt goes) Saab suspension, Saab body, and a Saab interior, with what must be the coolest cabin air vents in any car, take a look at one and you will see what I mean.

One final thing, this is probably one of the best value second hand cars around. It has all the toys, a fairly swanky badge, but is half the cost of the equivalent BMW/Audi/VW its even cheaper than its Ford/GM rivals - amazing.

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Review Date: 18th June, 2004

20th Jul 2004, 13:42

Just bought the identical car (Cayenne Red) here in America. A 1997 convertible with 69,000+ miles. Going from a Jeep Grand Cherokee to this is unbelievable. Great interior feel and looks and great power. Still haven't figured out the need for rear fog-lights yet??


4th Jun 2005, 17:05

RE: "Still haven't figured out the need for rear fog-lights yet??"

There is actually only one rear fog-light. It is there so that in really bad fog the drivers behind you see you and do not rear-end you :-) Gotta love SAAB!!!

28th Sep 2005, 06:42

I've had a '97 2.3 XS Talladega for over two years now and I pretty much agree with all of the above.

However, I find if you take it easy on the motorway you can get over 40mpg.

I love my SAAB and although the book price of it is only around £1500, it's worth more than double that to me. And it's only got 70k miles on it so it will easily do that again.

It's like a BMW only more individual.