21st Aug 2006, 14:22

You fail to mention how many miles were on the car when you purchased it. Items which were not properly cared for by the previous owner, are not cause to fault the car. My 1996 900S has almost 200k miles on the clock and other than one clutch replacement, has not given me any trouble whatsoever.

16th Aug 2009, 14:22

We are the second owners of a 4D SE Turbo Hatch. Great car, but not roomy enough for the family. Engine runs like a champ at 185K miles, but bigger problems like strange electrical issues (internal lamps and switches) have given us a run for our money.

Recently replaced the fuel pump, when it died with a warning!!! Like it was on a timer.

The "pricey" low profile tires ride great when we travel, but living in the western NC mountains has been treacherous on our suspension system. We will be replacing all of that within the next 5K miles.

Gas mileage is usually 25+ even with a daily trips to the store work and school... For a car with out a car payment we tend to face the usual upkeep, however we wonder if SAAB is making aftermarket parts with a hint of "gold" in them. When something fails we take a deep breath before calling the auto parts store.

Overall we are very pleased!

11th Oct 2010, 07:15

I just bought one of these as a weekend car. I fell in love with it and didn't do much research at all. It was red and a drop top; enough said.

I live overseas, and I know repairs would not be cheap in Korea. The only thing going for me is that having GM own Saab, at least I can get the parts.

I've had it a month now, and I think I've only put 400 kilometres on it in that time. Winter is coming, and I probably won't drive it much at all.

I'm wondering, as I looked through the service records, which are detailed; it seems to me everything on this car has been replaced before. Is that a good thing Saab owners?

Also, what is a 'lambda'? Whatever it was, it was $450 dollars. I'm not a mechanic, but I'm pretty aware of what parts are in cars.

Anyone for the lambda?

27th Dec 2010, 13:09

I have a 1996 Saab 900 Turbo SE convertible, and it has now covered 144,000 miles from the 132,000 when I bought it a year ago.

This car has been fantastic!! Having had 17 of the classic 900's, I was always dubious about buying the so-called GM hybrid.

However, after months of use, and through a cold and snowy Scottish winter, this car has reinstated the confidence and enjoyment I've always had from being a Saab owner.

My car has needed a crank shaft sensor and little else, and it's important for naysayers to remember no car is perfect, but for the moderate outlay a year ago, this car has been completely reliable, great fun in the sun, and as practical as any convertible could be.

In short, if you're thinking of buying a car, and want one that's always been for those who walk a different path from the masses, then don't hesitate! Saabs are unique, though I would caution about buying the newer ones that GM had a major influence over. Hopefully their new dutch owners will breath new life into them.