1996 SAAB 900 900SE 2.0 turbo from North America


Very Good. Great for a single guy


Ignition Cassette replaced. This was the first time the unit needed to be replaced as per the repair shop. Car runs like new and is the envy of many. Quick and responsive.

Fuel Pump Replaced. The dealer that sold me the car paid for ½ of this repair.

Problems with CD player needing to be re-set after car’s power is removed. This can be repaired by removing the CD player and disconnecting the main CD cable on the right side of the unit (you will need the CD removal tool) Easy fix however.

Understanding that all U.S. cars I have owned have had many other issues at this mileage level e.g., bearing assemblies, brakes, and fuel and water pumps. The above mentioned repairs should not scare someone away from this vehicle.

General Comments:

The convertible version is very classy. It far exceeds the reputation of the less expensive domestic convertibles, but not as pricey as the German counterparts.

A good handling car that responds well (especially in the sport mode). A little slow of the start (first 2-3 seconds, but revs nicely after).

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Review Date: 27th July, 2005

9th Sep 2009, 15:14

A good review, but I'm sure I'm not the only one wondering- why do you say the 900 is great for a single guy? Do the ladies dig the Saab?

1996 SAAB 900 SE Turbo 2.0 Full turbo from UK and Ireland


Not a good experience


Front suspension arm MOT fail.

A/C Leak.

A/C blocked.

O2 sensor.

All Jockey wheels replaced noisy.

Tailgate gas struts.

Brake liners.

Blown Turbo.

Rear silencer block replaced MOT fail.

Valve stem guides.

General Comments:

The last car before I bought the Saab was a 1993 BMW E34 525 SE. I needed a car, which had more load space than the saloon I was driving, but did not want an estate. So it was the SAAB hatch back, which had the advantage of not being a Ford or Vauxhall.

I like the styling, performance and the badge. The car is a real wolf in sheep's clothing. The full turbo being 185BHP the acceleration is breath taking. From the lights rubbish as it is front wheel drive it just wants to spin the wheels, but for 40 to 70 this must be one of the fastest cars on the road without going down the mega insurance premiums for blacklisted performance cars. This is what you buy a SAAB for in my opinion.

I found the overall comfort to be a bit lacking. The low profile tyres can be a bit wearing on poor roads as was the stiff suspension, but if you are on your own and driving the A roads it's a great car.

The leather in black and the black bodywork in black again, did make the car look very classy though.

The handling is indifferent for such a performance car, the chassis is just not up to the power. The car will veer down road cambers and across the road with the torque steer, keeps you on your toes though. I would guess handling kits from SAAB specialist would sort this. But the balance is just about right though, so you could push it quite hard into corners without too much fuss.

The size of the boot was very good, but I did keep bashing my head on the tailgate catch so many times I lost count. The three doors made access to the rear seats poor. My rear passengers felt quite claustrophobic in the back.

Overall loved the performance and styling. Hated the repair costs and general reliability issues. This has put me off Saabs now, which is a shame because I do still quite like them. I have now changed to a 1998 BMW 525 SE touring which feels like it will do intergalactic miles, quickly safely and reliably. Repair costs are irrelevant if it does not go wrong

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Review Date: 11th May, 2005

10th Aug 2006, 05:15

Well doe with your report - You have summed the Saab 900 up well. Mine has not had the problems that you have had with yours, but it has had some different issues like the CV joint.

Saabs have a weak point on the bottoms of their doors for rust. (particularly the back doors.)

For the few faults it has, I still love to drive my Saab.