1996 SAAB 900 from North America


Turn the key & it goes


Little odds & ends; plastic falls off the dashboard, CD player no longer works, headliner hangs low, speedometer & dash shuts off intermittently.

General Comments:

Turn the key & it goes. A friend of mine who's a mechanic said a lot of Saabs leak fluids, and he was shocked at how clean this one was. These cars can go on & on, and I think mine might be one that keeps going strong.

Just got a new clutch & air filter, & it runs great. This car is not for whiny people or those who are picky with little things. If you want a car that you turn the key & it goes, this one's for you.

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Review Date: 21st July, 2011

1996 SAAB 900 NG S 2.0i from Belgium


Swedish quality


This car is actually really good. I never expected this from a GM car, but hey, I've been proved wrong. It does have a good engine, but it's a little underpowered (131 HP). What happened is this, I bought the car and it was in reasonable shape, I only had to put new tyres and a new disk brake on it. It had 200 000 km, and well, that's a lot. I drive around 500 km a week:

Front suspension had to be replaced at 205000, due to our good road maintenance in Belgium. It cost me 350 euros (490 dollars).

Servo leaked power steering fluid. Pipe had to be replaced at 228000 km, cost me 125 euros for the pipe (rusted) and an hour's work. Saab is not cheap, so I did it at a local dealer.

General Comments:

I think it's a great comfortable car, that unfortunately lacks a bit of power. I'm selling it now, and buying a 2.3 Saab 1994. So you could say that overall it is a good car, and really cheap these days.

It looks great, the interior has a bit too much plastic, great seats, it had air-con, ABS, heated seats, onboard computer, electric windows, a massive trunk, and at great speeds it is really quiet. I owned a BMW 318 IS a couple years before, and it beats that car easily.

Downside, 10 litres at 100 KMs is not cheap or ecodriving!

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Review Date: 18th April, 2011

1996 SAAB 900 S from North America


Turn the key and it goes!


Few cosmetic issues.

Knobs fall off, stickshift knob fell off.

Check engine light on, reading was vacuum hoses.

Hood needs 2 people to open up. Having clutch replaced, but at 170,000 miles that's understandable.

Dash shuts off intermittently, 50% of my driving time.

General Comments:

Turn the key & it goes. That sums it up for me.

Mine has high miles, some dents and dings, radio & AC knobs tend to fall off, speedometer & dash shut off intermittently.

Engine runs fine, tranny runs fine. I turn the key & it goes, which I love. Starts up great in the cold too, which is a good sign of good engineering.

If you're a girl, or annoyed by little things breaking, Saab is not the brand for you IMHO. However if you can look past all that, & want a horse to give you 200,000+ for cheap, then a used one should satisfy.

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Review Date: 14th January, 2011

1996 SAAB 900 SE Turbo 2.0 turbo from North America


I like it, wish I could own one that was issue free, though


My transmission lost 1st gear and reverse. 5th makes a whining noise / no power in less than a month of buying.

Car clutch has never felt right since a few days of buying; had to have the clutch all the way to the floor or grind gears; it did anyway sometimes.

Pedals and gears are too close together; unless I sit way back, my foot would get caught on dashboard/underneath between the clutch pedal while the clutch is engaged, which is safety concern, and causes excessive clutch burning.

Problems getting blinkers to stay on, and when they do stay on, they never click off on their own; I have to disengage them, this is a real nuisance in a 5 speed.

From reading other reviews, it sounds like the clutch cable stretching is a major issue and an annual issue. I believe this is an issue in mine too, probably why I had to push the clutch all the way to the floor.

Power antenna sticks and makes a clicking noise.

My gas mileage reading reads less than what I actually get for gas mileage.

Button on the door for the hatchback does not work.

Lack of cup holders.

General Comments:

Other than the things I mentioned above, I love this car. Love the frills, and the performance

Car was very fast and tight, I was shocked when it suddenly just lost 1st gear and reverse. I thought if anything, it needed a clutch/cable.

Everything else works great in this car; power sunroof doesn't leak a drop, 6 disc changer works, but can be temperamental if CDs have scratches.

I am bummed out, paid $2600, and less than a month later (about 1500 miles), the tranny issue suddenly happens, it felt like it was being restricted or slipping slightly at the high end, when getting on it.

I thought this was also an issue with the clutch, but then tranny issue (s) happened.

If any one help me find a good used transmission for under $500, or has any advice, or thinks this tranny can be rebuilt for less, please let me know!

Thank you, Chad.

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Review Date: 15th October, 2010

17th Oct 2010, 18:05

The cup holders are actually on the inside of the glove box door, and to add insult to injury, they aren't deep enough to hold a coffee, and one bump sends it to the floor and all over.

I really expected more, coming from the Swedes, but I have a 900Se turbo convertible, and I still love driving this car.

24th Nov 2010, 06:04

It sounds like you are talking about my car. Antenna makes loud clicking noise, e brake is broken, clutch cable just went, O2 sensor is bad, my toe sometimes gets stuck right under the clutch on the bottom of the dashboard, and the blinker stays on sometimes, but overall it is a great looking car, and it drives really nicely.

1st Dec 2010, 02:34

Mine is parked for winter. If it's nice out, I will take it to get steam cleaned.

I have one issue with the parking brake. Sometimes the light comes on and shorts out the entire instrument panel. Within 3-5 seconds it's usually on again.

Saabs are quirky... that's for sure.

28th Mar 2011, 03:33

OMG! This is exactly what happens to my car as well. The e brake when driving will sometimes vibrate, and either light up every warning system or light on the dashboard, or short everything out. It does nothing to the car itself, just the dashboard electronics. Quirky that's for sure, thanks for sharing!!!