1990 SAAB 9000 CDS 2.0i petrol from UK and Ireland


With these cars at 1000ukp and less, you can't go wrong!


Clutch slave failed at 250,000.

Gear selector bushing failed at 275,000 and was repaired with a custom-fabricated steel fitting.

Central locking sticky.

Steering rack developing slight play.

General Comments:

At 130mph top speed and a 9.2 0-60, this is a quick car for the money.

Fuel economy is a measured 35mpg combined and 43mpg gentle highway (65mph).

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Review Date: 12th October, 2002

1990 SAAB 9000 T turbo Light Pressure from North America


A fun to drive high mileage lover


I replaced the alternator and overhead valve cover gasket and fuel pump. I have never have owned a 9000, 99 or 900 model that did not have fuel pump failure at some point and it cost about $600 to fix. valve cover gasket causes a lot of leaks in these cars and it took me about 20 minutes and $26 to fix it. Alternator was about $200 and would be easy, but located through the passenger side wheel well.

General Comments:

Great car even with tons of miles on it. I spent a little on it, but it drove like a dream. Light pressure turbo model would get up and go. Good gas mileage.

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Review Date: 19th June, 2002

13th Jul 2003, 01:05

The LPT (light pressure turbo) was NOT offered in this model year, so how did you get one?

1990 SAAB 9000 T 2.0 turbo from North America


Fast, fun ride on four wheels


Trim piece on the roof loses paint quickly.

Climate control isn't at all sensitive to the inside temperature of the car.

Headliner came unglued from the roof.

Roof paint is oxidizing.

Positive battery cable failed.

Rear seat-belt receiver came apart.

But then the car is 11 years old with almost 200,000 miles on it. I'm still happy with the car even with the problems described here.

General Comments:

Great mileage.

Great acceleration, 1st gear thru 5th, though I would like a 6th gear for highway cruising.

Great handling.

Great room with the seats down or not (hatchback).

I previously owned a 1985 turbo model and was very, very happy with it.

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Review Date: 8th August, 2001

1990 SAAB 9000 CD Turbo 2.0 turbo 16v DOHC intercooled from North America


Safe, fast, big, economical, luxurious and well built


Direct ignition failed @ 220,000km replaced with used unit with 6 month warranty, exhaust, muffler, and heat shield (used a Saab part) replaced @ 264,000km with an aftermarket unit made by Walker Dynomax for Starla.

Driver's side window lift replaced with a used Saab unit.

All brake rotors and pads replaced with new Saab parts.

Upper and lower engine mounts replaced.

Left front ball joint replaced.

Heater and blower replaced with used Saab parts.

Car exterior is Charcoal Grey (Edwardian Grey), with dark grey "Bridge of Weir" Scottish Leather.

General Comments:

I was fortunate to have purchased this car from a Saab fanatic. The car had been serviced (by the book) exclusively at Saab Dealerships for its first 210,000 kms. The dealerships bills for service and repair were astronomical!! Fortunately however, I had found a local Saab mechanic prior to purchasing the car, and so maintenance/repairs are now reasonable.

Quality used parts are used whenever I can to save money however, never at the expense of safety ie. clutch, and upper/lower engine mounts have been replaced with brand new OEM parts.

A brand new OEM exhaust system costs $1,300.00 Canadian Dollars (labour not included). I purchased a direct replacement exhaust system made by Walker Dynomax for Starla, for less than half the price, installed!

The car does not burn oil! Oil is changed every 5,000 kms with 10W40 in the summer and 5W30 in the winter.

The engine runs strong and smooth. Mid-range torque is plentiful and the engine pulls strongly in 5th from 3500rpm - 6500rpm.

The 5 speed gear-box is the best I've ever experienced. Smooth positive action, low effort, and short throws.

The original clutch would have lasted longer had it not been for one recent incident: driving under hard acceleration in 1st gear, my foot slipped off the clutch pedal prior to selecting 2nd gear, which resulted in a serious thud and chipped clutch plate.

The clutch was replaced with OEM parts for $1,100.00 Canadian Dollars, including labour. Up to that point, the original clutch could have lasted, in my estimation, another 30-40k easily.

Leather interior (Bridge of Weir Scottish Leather) is perfect.

The headliner does not sag, and the interior is in mint condition.

The dash top is not cracked.

The interior accomodates 5 full grown adults comfortably (4 super comfortably).

A little door in the trunk opens to the rear passenger area, enabling full size skis to fit in with ease. Furthermore, the backseat bottom cushion can un-hinge itself to expose a completely flat bottom while the rear seat bottom locks into place against the front seats. Great for carrying bulky item(s), like TV's.

The car has one dime size rust spot on the left rear fender lip (hardly noticable). Otherwise no rust on the body, and the paint is original.

Underneath, the rear axle, tie rods and other exposed suspension pieces show surface rust however, the actual body underneath shows no rust at all, and the factory undercoating is entirely intact.

The ABS brakes perform well, with good feel and balance. The ABS unit has never been replaced.

The air conditioning does not blow cold air, and has not been serviced since 1997.

I have installed 16x7 Saab Ronal cross-laced rims mounted on Michelin XGT tires, 225/50/16.

Driven conservatively, the car will average almost 600kms on a full tank of gas (65 litres).

The car is equipped with all options: electric moonroof, power trunk, tilt and telescoping steering wheel, heated front seats, and self-leveling rear suspension.

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Review Date: 17th February, 2001

11th Feb 2002, 22:17

An excellent review. I have an 1989 Saab 9000 CD Turbo Automatic, and I can empathize with your concerns.

I too had to replace the exhaust however, the automatic transmission cost me over $1,200 CDN to fix/replace. Otherwise I love the car.

My car is also Edwardian Grey with the Bridge of Wier grey leather. I have yet to see a late '80's early 90's Saab 9000 any other colour but Edwardian Grey.

A nicely written piece and an equally nice Saab 9000 CD. Bravo.

1990 SAAB 9000 CDi 2.0 16v from UK and Ireland


Big solid reliable car that swallows high mileages effortlessly


Not much considering I have done 135,000 miles in it in 4 years.

Original engine remains in good shape.

Tyres have been my main expense.

I have had 5 major services over the 4 years (a bit naughty there) and have spent about 1200 pounds in repairs in total - I took the car to an independent SAAB specialist who was far more effecient and much cheaper than the main dealer. Many replacement parts sourced from scrap yards etc to save money.

Electrics went a bit dodgy recently but managed to rewire it and repair it with bits from a scrap yard myself.

Only problem I couldn't resolve cheaply was that little light that comes on when you are sitting on the front seats without your seat belt - gave up when I got the main dealer costing to sort it out.

General Comments:

This is the best built car I have ever owned and swallows high mileages effortlessly, with incredible mechanical reliability. Right up to 210,000 miles the car has not once let me down.

My dealer told me that the basic models with manual transmission are the most reliable. Turbo + auto boxes on these cars are to be avoided.

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Review Date: 11th September, 2000

1990 SAAB 9000 S 4 door non turbo 2.3 from North America


Love it


Sounds familiar.

Passenger front window not working.

Exhaust needs replacing.


No heat in winter.

ABS brake constantly on.

That's all... minor really, just had it inspected and needs approx. CDN$1500 inc. exhaust to bring it up to snuff.

It's 3rd hand and 10 years old, I'm very happy with the vehicle.

General Comments:

Want to buy another one, newer and higher class.

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Review Date: 5th August, 2000