1993 SAAB 9000 CDE notchback sedan (130 hp) 2.3 Liter Trbocharged 4-speed from North America


Saab rules--because of this sedan!


There have been major flaws with my 9000--even though it is almost 12 years old.

General Comments:

I recently became the proud owner of a 1993 Saab 9000 turbo.

I like my Saab very much. My car was a real steal--only $3000 US needed for the nicest, yet affordable Swedish sedan. When I first tried it out, the leather look almost untouched.

I really like the interior materials. You really will not find better build quality on any other car.

It has some nice acceleration and performance from its turbo, but I do get some turbo lag in return. The fuel economy is impressive, also: about 25 mpg.

Some options on my 9000 include a power moon roof, digital clock that also displays driving information, a lovely wood trim, CD/cassette player, 4 speed automatic transmission, and Saab's innovative climate control system. As you can see, you get a lot of stuff for a little price with these Saab's.

Another thing, these Saab's are built like tanks and have wonderful crash-test results.

Not only does it drive and handle well, it looks good. It looks very aerodynamic and sleek, just like the jets that Saab also builds.

It is also a lot cheaper to run than other German and Japanese imports.

Figuring it is in the condition it is at 138,000 miles, my Saab will probably go another 138,000 miles without a major problem!

My Saab works well in the varied climate in Montana. Performance is uncompromisable during all seasons.

Looks like my Swedish relatives have built another reliable novelty!

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Review Date: 5th November, 2004

11th Jan 2006, 11:15

I wonder if there is a typo in your review. You state that there were major flaws with you SAAB, yet you seem very pleased with it and don't mention any major problems. I wonder if you meant "there have been NO major flaws". Please clarify.

17th Mar 2006, 21:26

I was wrong. No problems with the car. It is still running great after one year of ownership...

1993 SAAB 9000 CS 2.3 N/A from North America


More pics than nits, just with it was cheaper to fix


The only major failure has been the fuel pump.

The motor mounts, suspension bushings, as well as other rubber bits are showing their age. The car can hardly be blamed for this because of how old it is and how many miles are on it.

General Comments:

Despite it's mileage and original suspention components this car handles very well. Pickup is OK, nothing great. However don't let the 2.3 non-turbo fool you, this car will cruise at 100+ MPH and pass up hills without much trouble.

I get around 25 MPG. mix which isn't at all bad for a car this size.

The hatch is brilliant, I can toss two adult sized mountain bikes and close it no problem.

Very well designed seats.

Parts cost a small fortune. Make eBay your friend or else!

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Review Date: 28th October, 2004

1993 SAAB 9000 CDXE 2.0 CDi from UK and Ireland


Extremely underrated BMW alternative


Alternator failed at 134,000. Sourcing a reconditioned replacement proved difficult and expensive.

General Comments:

I've always been an Audi fan. I love German engineering; the build quality is always impeccable, the ride is always comfortable, if not slightly firm, and the engines are always willing and torquey.

But what disappointed me the most with Audis, was the lack of standard equipment you get with one.

I switched allegiance to a Peugeot 405, as I needed a good, cheap, reliable estate car. It was fitted with all the gadgets a man could ask for. Air conditioning, electric everything; it was a lovely car, and not bad to drive, but alas, thanks to a major oil leak, the Peugeot got consigned to the scrap heap.

When the Peugeot finally gave up on me, I decided to hunt round for another Audi, until that is I found a cracking alternative.

The Saab 9000 is often underrated. It's not the best or most modern looking car in the world, but if you are after excellent build quality, gadgets galore, space, good handling and performance, then you may want to consider the 9000 CS (hatchback) or CD (saloon).

I bought the 2 litre CDXE model. I was surprised at how large the boot was for a saloon. The interior is well appointed, with firm but comfortable seats, and a lovely walnut dash.

My car is equipped with a trip computer, electric windows and mirrors, heated seats, PAS, ABS, and air conditioning.

The Saab is also very pleasing to drive - well balanced steering, willing engines (even my 2 litre injection power unit is adequate enough to haul that large heavy body), and superb handling.

For performance, select the 9000 CS Aero 2.3 litre full pressure turbo. They are scorchers, and come with every conceivable gadget and toy.

The CD Griffin saloon is also a fast luxurious executive express, achieving 0 to 60mph in around 7 seconds. As with the Aero, it comes with every conceivable gadget you could imagine.

There are few cars around that give this sort of driving pleasure. It's not quite a BMW, but it's not far off, and having driven Audis for many years, the Saab was an excellent improvement.

Saabs are very reliable for the most part, but be warned, when they do go wrong, then expect your wallet to be well and truly empty!

My alternator failed, and sourcing a reconditioned one was the route I took, as a new one from Saab direct cost in excess of £300!

But all that said and done, my Saab has been extremely reliable, and I'd even go as far to say that it's the best car I've ever owned.

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Review Date: 16th August, 2004

24th Aug 2004, 08:12

I also own a SAAB 9000 of the same year, and I agree that the car is an alternative to that of a BMW. Whilst not ever having owned a BMW, I am sure that a 1993 3 series BMW would probably have the same features or even less. And as for the price...a BMW from that year is around $13000 - $15000, and while my SAAB might have fairly high k's, at $5600 its still a relative bargain.

7th Jan 2008, 01:16

I just bought a 1993 Saab 9000 CS and I am very happy with it. Although it has higher miles than I am used to (166k) I find it to be a reliable vehicle.

I owned a 1991 BMW 318is before and it was nothing, but problems!

This is a great alternative!

And the dash and features are nice!