1993 SAAB 9000 CS 2.3L DOHC from North America


Very safe, and definetly worth every cent


No major unexplained problems when I owned this car, although the previous owner had the water pump, and the ECU replaced when it died suddenly on the highway.

The first muffler went at about 75000 miles the second one at 80000 miles.

Fog light bulbs seem to burn out very quick sometimes.

Right now after 2 accidents, the thermostat went, the high speed fan got jammed and burned out, the side panels pushed about an inch and allow the doors to open only halfway, the washer fluid tank broke both times (first time I fixed it)

After the first collision the digital display on the panel (shows MPG...) would go on and off, but now it works consistently again (w/o repairs).

General Comments:

This car has been in 3 Major accidents (front collision) and 2 Minor accidents (parking lot dings) and it STILL RUNS FINE (Minus 2 headlights, the bumper, the grille :)

Factory parts are pretty expensive (total estimate for damage was around $5,000, but used parts are much cheaper.

The stereo can be a pain in the ass to upgrade, because the factory amplifier has to be bypassed (But it took me only about 3 hours to do it).

This car is extremely comfortable, especially on long rides and makes most cars of this year look like junk.

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Review Date: 11th April, 2003

1993 SAAB 9000 Aero 2.3 L. turbo from North America


A high performance and high comfort sedan


Turbo control solenoid and controller went bad. Car still runs and drives, but not with the heart-stopping acceleration it had before my turbo controller went. Overall very reliable, but little things cost a lot to fix.

General Comments:

This is one seriously fast 4-door. I get looks where I go because of the color (Eucalyptus Green metallic) and the handling is superb. This car also has the greatest seats ever installed in a car. These recaro-designed seats are specific to the Aero. Overall an amazing machine, but be prepared to pay for the maintenance and repairs. The high cost of repair reflects the high ($40,000) initial price of these rare cars. Get a '94 or later if you can because they have an off-switch for the traction control.

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Review Date: 3rd August, 2001

13th Feb 2006, 16:56

I have a UK Spec 93 model, first ones made, that had the option to remove the traction control. Spins a lot, but better than £1500 to make it drivable again should it break.

1993 SAAB 9000 CSE 4 cyl-light turbo from North America


Enigmatic, stylish and fun with repair prices that are hazardous to your health


Multitudes of things before I got it...

After I got it:

Heater core.

Direct ignition cartridge.

Shift linkage.

Climate control system unit.

Cruise control.


Water pump.

Tensioner pulley.

General Comments:

This car is so elegant, classy and comfortable. It glides when accelerating as though it were on air. It is utterly quiet - even at high speeds.

It handles brilliantly and is entirely well -appointed. It's a little James Bond, unpretentious and I can fit my entire mountain bike in the back without dismantling it. With this car, it's not the destination - it's most certainly the drive.

As with all SAABs bystanders ponder not only the car as it passes by, but its driver as well.

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Review Date: 5th December, 2000

1993 SAAB 9000 CSE Turbo from North America


If you want to go broke then buy this car


You name it. 2 weeks after buying it the transmission went. Shortly thereafter the radiator kept overheating and then the heat stopped working. The power window control shorted out. This was all in a matter of 15 months. Very expensive to repair.

General Comments:

This car is extremely comfortable to drive and very pleasing to look at but just way too expensive to repair when something goes wrong.

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Review Date: 26th April, 2000

17th Apr 2001, 08:02

I own a '95 9000 CSE Turbo with a 5-speed manual, and the car goes! Never buy a Saab with an automatic, it will cost you a heck of a lot of money. Everyone who I know who's had an automatic the tranny always went. Couldn't hold up to the power of the engine. With my car I put over 45k miles on it (it has 158k miles), and the tranny is still perfect, although electronics are freaky (I.e. the cruise control shuts off by itself, the foglights sometimes don't turn on).

1993 SAAB 9000 CSE 2.3 Turbo from UK and Ireland


Quite a lot in the last few months. Alternator belt. ECU. Ignition Control Unit. But it has done 130k and has a fairly hard life.

General Comments:

A supreme (and underrated car). Long distance comfort is quite astonishing. I regularly do stints across Europe with no discomfort. Performance is a 7 only because my other car is a TVR and, frankly, the handling is pretty wayward. Overtaking ability, though, is first rate. Interior space is good and levels of equipment put Mercs et al to shame. Would recommend the Climate Control for real long distance comfort. Eats front tyres on a regular basis. In my opinion there is no other executive car that has this mixture of space and performance and true 30mpg potential.

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Review Date: 12th July, 1999

1993 SAAB 9000 CS XS 2.0 petrol from UK and Ireland


Clutch failed at 90K.

Brakes replaced at 80K.

Original battery replaced at 101K.

Minor electrical problems.

Loses tune after 5K after service.

General Comments:

A stately car to drive and own. Unsurpassed for comfort and safety but don't push it on the bends!

Build quality first class, a strong and willing load carrier too.

2 litre petrol engine a bit under powered.

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Review Date: 21st April, 1998

1993 SAAB 9000 CSE Eco 2.0 turbo petrol from UK and Ireland


During my period of ownership (15 months), various minor items have needed attention, all rectified during routine servicing. However, I was warned that at its next service the car would require a new catalytic convertor (£600) and replacement rear brake discs & pads (£300?). Yesterday I sold the car!

General Comments:

My example had done 124k miles from new, but still drove like a new car. Comfort and equipment levels were very high, and the low-pressure turbo gave civilised cruising, reasonable (30+mpg) economy and easy motorway overtaking. To set against this, the 9000 is a big car and so not very "nimble", and running costs have been fairly high (especially main dealer servicing charges).

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Review Date: 15th February, 1998