25th Sep 2002, 15:59

An update to my previous comment...

My Saab 9000 has lost a valve at 122000 miles.

$1200 to replace. I will be buying a new car instead of fixing this one at this point... I've put way too much money into the car in such a short period of time.


18th Nov 2002, 18:53

Too bad ryan - my 92T has had no major work, 290,000 km.

20th Dec 2002, 13:38

I have had a 9000 5speed turbo for 2 years now and the most vexing thing is the common TCS problem... replacing vac hoses and valves did not solve problem of TCS's erratic failure, but helped performance... the car has always been awesomely fast and is more so now. Drove many 9000's when looking and noticed big differences in performance. Mechanics have told me this is the fastest one they have run across. That is running on 87 octane... it is scary on 92 octane, but a blast on the nice curvy hilly California countryside where we live.

David P.

10th May 2003, 11:56

Hi, all got my 92 9000T about 2 weeks ago, changed the oil and had to go to service department to get stereo code (dealer didn't have). He also had no owners manual.. so I don't have any idea of when to perform any of the routine maintenance on her. She has 96,700 miles and runs fine.

She has no rust except on inside rear passenger door at the bottom, a few shopping cart dings. the electrical on the other hand is fine except, I have a continuious TSC light and SRS light??? So can any give me a list of what maintenance you perform and at what mileage you do them.

12th Jan 2009, 02:23

I just saw a 1992 9000 turbo convertible, in nice condition, no dents, nice paint, like new top, for sale.

I said it's trouble, I wouldn't buy it...

My friend said: what if he will take $200, I said go ahead & buy it. (this friend openly admits he doesn't know how to change his oil, but he wants to show me how wrong I am...)

I believe he will be the "new owner of a car left behind in a move..." & will finally understand the cost of maintaining poor quality... actually he already has, he owns a Jeep... I guess some people never learn.

Beep beep cheap jeep!

28th Mar 2009, 08:50

I have a 1992 9000 turbo. TCS is not working and I have gone through two throttle bodies. I want to ditch the TCS throttle body. Any hints...


5th Nov 2009, 23:29

I have a 92 Saab Turbo 9000. It starts up, but later dies when I release the the gas. The TCS light is on, please help. I just got the car and have only put 24kms on it. Get back to me at newf3_16@hotmail.com. Thanks, Jeff from Vancouver, Canada.