24th Apr 2013, 21:57

Hi. I was told by a SAAB mechanic that 25 (not 7, which seemed short as I know of 5 remaining and I don't know them all) of the (122) SAAB 2.3 Carlssons were delivered into Australia. That sounds more likely than 7. On such a small manufactured quantity, I doubt many would have come in as private imports.

18th Jul 2014, 00:39

Hi... No long 'raconteur" this time... I received not a single reply from SAABSCENE or this forum ('no reply' in other words) from Carlsson owners or 'past' Carlsson owners who might have kept their car VIN on a register to identify what's still around; that's a shame. On carpoint.com.au there are 4 SAAB Carlssons that are offered, all with the same VIN!!... LOL!

What I CAN say is that the couple I have seen are of the format:

VIN Number: YS3CD55M2M1000xxx, with the 55M being significant in them.

I'd be obliged if owners past/present would advise me "goldmort@onthenet.com.au" of any Carlsson VIN and whether the car is alive or dead.

Cheers, Tony.

18th Jul 2014, 19:43

Ref; 18th Apr 2013, 17:13

I don't live in Australia, and I have to say I have no intention to if it's all as bad as you say it is! I have never read anything on here where someone generalises so many people purely based on where they live! To be honest, people with nice cars in poor areas do generally look after their cars as it's a luxury to them. People who own cars in nice areas tend to neglect them because they are just a 'thing' and they probably have a few of them. Your Anniversary being a case in point as it has something wrong with the Turbo and the previous owner didn't bother fixing it. I love Saab's and think they are great cars. The 9000's are great too, but the biggest thing that killed them off were their owners - they bought one and kept them forever without changing them. And as they were all old, they either died off or didn't recommend them to anyone else. The smaller Saab's hold testament to this, because they were generally bought by younger people and therefore there are more of them around. It's a shame Saab is no longer with us.

4th Jul 2015, 10:45

Hi Tony. Just letting you know I have a white 2.3 Carlsson with 450000km, just starting a total rebuild.

Cheers Winston Dean, Tas.