2004 Samsung SM5 SM525V 2.5 Gasoline from South Korea


My previous car was much better


Everything was OK until 48000KMs, but suddenly the car went out of order - had to change 20 parts, which cost me 1,000,000won = approx. 900US dollars.

The turn signals and the 4way flashers went dead suddenly in the evening, and I was almost killed while changing lanes when a truck nearly hit my car.

General Comments:

The seats are unusually sticky, even for leather seats. It is terrible in the hot and humid summers of Korea.

The front seats are nice and comfy, but the rear seats are so small for a midsize car.

The control panel looks like it's from the 1980s.

The turning radius is too big. I can't make a U-turn on a 6 lane road.

It consumes too much fuel. The label says 9.2km/L, but actually it consumes much more. I don't drive a lot, but I have to refuel 50,000won of fuel (1700won per liter) every 5 days in the summer.

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Review Date: 21st July, 2010

2006 Samsung SM5 SE 2.5 petrol from South Korea


Well made, seemingly reliable, and good to look at

General Comments:

I have just returned from South Korea, having spent a fortnight in the Seoul/ Inchon area. These cities are very well served by reasonably priced taxis, and one of the most popular makes in use by the drivers there is the Samsung SM5 in LE and SE form.

All the SM5s I was in were automatic; most appeared to be V6, and all were petrol powered. I found the SM5 to be a supremely comfortable and well finished car with adequate performance for the competitive style of driving, which is prevalent in the two cities. The styling is very attractive, and it is a beautifully balanced car in aesthetic terms.

I cannot help, but feel that if Samsung marketed the SM5, and the smaller SM3 in the UK, they would have a moderate success on theirs hands, and if they were to bring the very lovely SM7 along with them, VW, Ford and Renault etc. would be right to worry.

The new Mondeo takes a lot of styling cues from Korean cars not seen in Europe; the SM5, Hyundai Grandeur and Daiwoo Tosca to be exact.

Nothing is ever really new!!!

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Review Date: 11th August, 2007

16th Sep 2007, 23:29

A photo is still worth "Many" words, why not include some?

28th Jan 2008, 10:08

This is the best can't be better.

11th Sep 2008, 02:14

I do not think that you have driven one. I do not agree that the car is attractive, and only had one while working in Korea as there is very little choice... I drove a Mondeo in Europe for the last 4 years - there is not a single thread of similarity...!

31st Dec 2013, 05:53

You might have found most of the "petrol" Samsung taxis are actually LPG powered. In South Korea gas kits have to be installed during original manufacture (they cannot be retrofitted).

Since they are closely related to the Nissan Primera / Renault Safrane platform, there is probably little point in trying to sell them in the UK.

8th Oct 2015, 03:45

I didn't know they made cars. But based on their Galaxy phones, I don't expect their cars to be nice at all.