5th Sep 2008, 18:02

RE: Aura rotors; It is really important that if you have had rotor issues with your Aura that you contact the Saturn website 800 customer assistance line and open a service ticket. Depending on the mileage, there is warranty extension potential on the rotors if you are persistent and tenacious. Don't take no for an answer.

I suspect the rotor problem is more common than Saturn is willing to admit. However the data that is measured by the NTSA who facilitates recalls is not collected from dealership repair cases, it is only captured if you call the manufacturer direct and initiate a service/quality issue.

13th Mar 2009, 15:53

I own an 08 Altima 2.5SL. It has 30,000 miles on it. In that time it had a screw fall out of the center console, which took me 5 minutes to replace, and a tire that was VERY slightly out of balance.

'08 Altimas are rated average in CR, above average in truedelta.com, and have a 67% approval rate on this site. In 07 and 08 (the only two years that the new model has been out) there were only 2 people out of 14 who said they wouldn't buy again. Everyone else seemed to be happy with their cars, although some weren't willing to commit to saying that they'd buy again yet (especially in the 07 area). Plagued with major problems?... very selective input went into THAT conclusion.

But I also like the Aura, and would have bought one if the nearest dealer wasn't 130 miles away. I also like the Fusion, Malibu, Accord, and Mazda 6. Not too sure about the Camry.

16th Aug 2009, 09:55

I have a 07 Aura XR I got for my wife in Dec of 06, it has 44425 miles on it.

I have never had a issue with it as far as a manufacturing issue goes with things that are not routine IE, sensors, transmission, engine, etc. But then again I am a maintenance nut and have been doing routine maintenance on cars and what not since I was like 7 or 8, and I was also an aircraft mechanic in the Navy. I do 90% of the maintenance on my own.

I will never let a Saturn dealership work on it ever again, as I have had 2 bad experiences with 2 different service departments with Saturn dealerships, over doing the simplest of maintenance.

Also, there is no such thing as a perfect car, all cars will have problems, it's just a fact of life, and some could be defective straight from Saturn or any other manufacture. Components will fail as some point or another, some before their supposed to some when they reach their life expectancy. Treat your car/truck/SUV/motorcycle or whatever you drive well, do the maintenance when it needs to be done, don't abuse it, and more than likely it will be a good vehicle for years and years. My 2 cents.

24th Jun 2010, 10:20

I have a 2007 Aura and have had brake issues since 8000 miles. I had them turned at the dealership about every 8000 miles, and at 33,000 they told me it needed all new rotor front and back, and new pads, and the cost was over $700.00. This car is still in warranty. I called them up and asked what the size "Micrometer" were, and they said they were "at discard", so I took it to another mechanic and they were still good. They just had been hot so many times that they needed to be changed again. The rotors were still under warranty. So I asked Saturn to replace them, and they told me they would not help, so I had to do the brakes myself, and out of my pocket. I had all the same issue that were mentioned here. I want to do the lemon law thing but I am not that "guy" I have owned GM products all my life, and so did my family. But this is the last any of us will buy. The new GM is worthless also.

I live in Michigan and GM use to take care of there properties around here and now the weeds are 4 ft. tall garbage all over the parking lots. I think the Government should have let them fold.

So thank you GM loyalty for nothing

Matt Jameson.

24th Jun 2010, 20:05

I think that dealer was ripping you off if they said your rotors needed to be turned every 8,000 miles. Maybe 80,000 would be justified. If they really turned them every 8,000 miles, there would be nothing left in no time, so either they were charging you for work not done, or they were doing un-needed work. A rip off either way.

20th Jun 2015, 00:42

I own a 2007 Saturn Aura that has given me nothing but problems. My service traction light came on as I was on the highway. My engine lost power and I had to coast to the side of the road, and was almost ran into the back of by a semi truck with my 2 year old, 6 year old and 10 year old. I have been to numerous places and no one seems to wanna help or fix this problem.