15th Jun 2007, 13:54

I agree with the buyer beware comment above. Did you not do a Carfax or any research on the car before you purchased it?

I have had an L200 since new and my ONLY problems with it have been due to two accidents (not my fault) Also my AC compressor just went, but hey with 140k on the clock and still going I am not surprised.

Other than that the car has been flawless. Sounds to me like you got a lemon and you should have looked up your local lemon laws as well as done some research BEFORE buying it.

9 grand for that car is WAY overpriced. NADA RETAIL on mine is 3500 at BEST.

14th Jul 2007, 12:56

I Purchased a 2001 L Series a month ago 5.800.00. When I bought the car everything looked good. The guy said it only has 2 owners and had NOTHING wrong with it. I took it to have the oil changed and found it will cost 500 bucks for a timing chain! Had to have new rotors etc.. all together 920.00!Then 2 days later, I was at the red light, turned right and the passenger side axel broke into... I have tried for 3 weeks to get the right axel and NOBODY seems to be able to order the right part! I will NEVER own another SATURN!

The service guy even said it was a PLASTIC RIDE, they melt them down...

12th Aug 2007, 00:40

I also own a 2001 Saturn L200. Everything was great; just the typical maintenance, until last month. I started with a tune up, then had to have new bearings, spindles, and brake pads installed. When all that was finished I took the car on a trip to pick up my son in Florida. Needless to say I never made it home. I was driving about 65 mph on an interstate when suddenly my car just cut off. Come to find out, the timing chain had broken and damaged the engine. Repairs will cost at least $3000. However, Saturn is aware of this problem so hopefully there will be a recall soon. If not, then a class action lawsuit. 'L'-series Saturns are known for their problems; that's why they quit making them.

4th Sep 2007, 18:16

Yet another follow-up to my July 2nd comment now... since then, I have been blessed with a whole new problem with my '01 L200...First, once the car dropped below a quarter of a tank of gas, it would not start. A week later, it was a half a tank, now, three-quarters...the car will only take around $15 in gas, then does not start once that is used up. The security light and service light also keep coming on. I've been stranded numerous times because I have quote on quote "run out of gas" (although I will have three quarters of a tank in there)...as soon as gas is added, the car starts with no other problems. I have taken it to a mechanic and was told there was nothing wrong with it. I wish they would put Saturn out of business for selling nothing, but GARBAGE cars.

26th Nov 2007, 08:28

I Have had the exact same problem

First, once the car dropped below a quarter of a tank of gas, it would not start. The security light and service light also keep coming on..as soon as gas is added, the car starts with no other problems.


6th Jun 2008, 15:58

To anyone else who has had this problem with the car starting... Saturn apparantly is aware of this problem, however they do not know WHAT the problem is or any idea how to fix it!! Go figure!! Anyways, here's the trick that I've been told: When it will not start, but the radio, lights, etc. all work, put the car into accessory mode (key is turned 3/4 of the way, but car is not started), leave it like this for ten (10) minutes and the restart, it should work like a charm. Apparently the car's computer needs to "reset" itself every once in awhile that you drive it. Its pretty pathetic when the people that make the machine can't even fix it!

1st Jul 2009, 17:03

So here I am again, the original person to start this particular post... still own the lovely Saturn L200 2001... only now we have had to put a WHOLE NEW ENGINE into it, $2500 worth of repairs all because of... YEP you guessed it... the TIMING CHAIN. I have also read some more posts on here of similar, exact problems I have also had, like the tail lights breaking and being recalled... why is this not listed on Carfax?? I don't care what anyone says, Saturns are NOT good cars, they are nothing but plastic pieces of junk!

17th Jul 2010, 23:25

Yep... here I am, still here with the L200... whatever you do, don't ignore the whole security light blinking and the car not starting issue... eventually you will get to a point where the 10-minute procedure no longer works and your car will just NOT start for days on end.

I've now been told I need to replace the ignition and key... around $500, if not more. What the heck is wrong with Saturn?? How do these people get away with selling such garbage? And all these complaints about the same stupid issues and they do NOTHING about it.

And I love how they "close the case" regarding the timing chain recall... what is that about? 10 complaints? Have they ever googled that problem, you only get over 2,000 hits for the same issue.

I am so sickened at this, if anyone knows how or where to file complaints on this with the NHTSA, please email me at Michelyn83@aol.com... thank you!