8th Dec 2007, 19:08

I bought a 2000 Saturn LS back in 2003. I have had nothing, but problems with it. Tail lights not working and having to take it to a Saturn dealer to get replaced. I've had to replace the ignition module, timing chain, steering rack, struts. Very expensive and a VERY BIG HEADACHE. I called Saturn and they told me they have had no problems with this vehicle. Whatever!

6th Jan 2008, 09:02

Took my LS2 into the shop last night for a clatter sound in the back passenger in the back passenger wheel well area. Recently the rear struts and springs were replaced, and this is hopefully covered un the warranteed repair. I am the original owner of this car, which has 113K miles. It has been driven hard; the LS2 is an upgrade from the LS1, with a 2.0 liter engine. I suspect that others may have bought used LS2's which were also driven hard. I appreciate the MAF sensor information. With the plastic body in great condition I'll keep it until I encounter cost prohibitive problems or electrical system breakdown.

18th Feb 2008, 21:08

I just purchased an LS2, used with 69K, from a Ford dealership. Carfax report stated that this was a solid purchase. I felt I got a great deal- $5400- After two days of driving, one in a snowstorm, the 'service' light came on. I stopped when I got home, shut off the engine. When I had to go out next, the light was off. Drove the next day- light came on again. Light has not come on in three days. No hard shifting or 'slamming' into gears. Thank you for the info on the MAF sensor. Auto Zone informed me that this is quite an expensive repair, only for the cost of the part???

Anyway, I've had the car for one week, I love it!! Great ride, handling, pick-up, a lap of luxury compared to my 1994 Plymouth Sundance. So far, I am also measuring 26 mpg on highway driving- I commute 65 minutes each way to work on straight highway!! Love the car!!

1st Mar 2008, 00:29

Here's a notice from the Auto Consumer Guide site, regarding taillights:

"2000-02 Sedan: Some plastic housings in taillamp assembly can become distorted if brake lamps remain on for an extended time; can cause intermittent lamp operation or short-circuit that leads to inoperative lamps."


27th Mar 2008, 10:27

Have had a 2000 LS2 since new. Almost 60K moles. Love the car. Repair history:

Front end was smashed in parking lot (Lexus SUV + bad, but thankfully rich, driver). Replaced most of front end bumper, panels, and headlight.

Rear end was hit a week later. Replaced similar. Never got my gold-colored inlay, had to settle for silver.

Steering has always pulled to the right. Saturn's fix was to rotate my steering wheel. Since then, I have either gotten used to the problem or it has not recurred.

Accelerator pedal squeaks, always has. Went away for a few days after replacement under warranty.

Brake lights had to be replaced - only one, in 2003. Now, almost all brake lights are out.

Water pump was replaced in 2007 after we noticed coolant was low and mechanic saw it was leaking. The radiator was also leaking. Unprepared for the $700 bill, even so I feel I got lucky.

Brakes are currently squealing, even without pressure. I probably should have replaced them oh, around September 2007.

Something else (timing belt?) squeals when the car turns.

Check Engine and Maintenance Required lights are on when it drives.

Two days ago the car died. Wouldn't start, fun clicking noise in the dash. AAA tow truck jumped me with a kit and I drove around and made it home. Car died on stop. Going to Sears for a battery, hoped to find a recco here for a battery size. I have a mechanic coming on the weekend - sort of a nomad who visits broken cars.

8th Apr 2008, 01:27

Have owned the 2000 LS2 for 3 years now. Had to replace the tires because the fronts wear on the inside. Replaced Battery and positive battery cable $500. Center interior console lid completely snapped off. Turn signals broke, so now have to manually shut them off. Replaced broken ignition switch. Now replacing transmission pressure sensor in transmission for the second time at a thousand bucks each time.

Mechanic now informs me Power Steering pump and rack leaking fluid, needs replacement. Also Engine oil cooler leaking coolant. All of this with only 85,000 miles on it. Made a major mistake buying this car.

15th Apr 2008, 18:29

I own a ls2 2000 with v6 and I can't get a radiator that is like my old one which has two ins and two outs for coolant. Could somebody help me because I am very discouraged.

All the radiators that they try to sell me only have one in and one out for coolant.

16th Apr 2008, 07:33

I have a ls2 2000 with v6 and I can't find a radiator like my old one anywhere, for some reason it has two outs and two ins for coolant, can somebody help me with this.

9th May 2008, 21:20

Wow what a site. We have owned our 2000 LS2 since 1999. Currently up to 123,000. miles and runs great. In June 2007 we replaced the Timing Chain before relocating 1200 miles. October 2007 dealer noted a cooler and water pump leak. Having paid $1400. in June, I declined the $1900. October fix. $2.99 Radiator seal solved the problem!!! Now the Service Engine Light. Yes the transmission slams and diagnosis?? Mass Air Flow Sensor. $410.00 I cannot decide. Does the problem get worse? Will the car fail emission testing? Thanks.

9th Aug 2008, 17:44

I wrench on the side and I am currently working on a 2000 LS2. The car has only 49k miles on it and have already done the MAF sensor. It has had the taillight problem fixed as well. I now have 2 other issues... the wipers do not work but the wiper motor works out of the car but blows the fuse when plugged into the harness... also steering feels like a tie rod end is going or something. Is this common to the rack and pinion issue?

4th Sep 2008, 00:54

Same car as above, different problem. Car died on freeway wouldn't restart. Waited 20 minutes then it started and the service light came on. Died again in driveway, had it towed to my mechanic. Turns out it was the Crankshaft Position Sensor that was failing. Had it replaced, $308.00 later back on the road for now.

I'm getting to know my Saturn mechanic way too well these days, we're now on a first name basis.

16th Sep 2008, 16:27

I have had all the above problems with my 2000 Saturn LS. I bought the car 2 years ago with 110k on it because my buddy had Saturn with 170k.

After 1 month the crankshaft sensor needed to be replaced. $300.

Power seat stopped working. Mechanic told me it was a short somewhere and would involve checking wires until he found the problem. I can live without that.

Tail lamps kept going out.

At 117k the timing belt snapped and the engine seized up. The manual says to replace the belt at 100k, so you'd better do it or the warranty will not replace the engine.

Water pump failed recently.

Air Conditioning stopped working.

Front springs cracked at 115k.

Premature brake wear has been a problem.

Check engine light came on after buying it. Had dealer clear the code but it continues to come back on.

Had to replace the front flex pipe (the car has 2 flex pipes.) to the tune of $700.

Speedometer stopped working at 133K.

Now transmission is slamming it into gear. Will try the MAF sensor.

Thanks to those who wrote about it. This car has been nothing but problems. If you are on the fence about buying one, hopefully all these testimonials to Saturn's shoddy build quality will deter you. I would love to trade mine in or drive it off a cliff, but I still owe 3 grand.

Also keep in mind, this model shares the same platform with the Saab 9-3 and GM's Opel, so parts are very expensive. All in all, I would never buy a Saturn again.