2005 Saturn Relay 3 from North America


Love my Relay


Overall we have had very good luck with our Relay. We drive hard and put a lot of mileage on our cars; running 4 kids to school and taking long distance road trips.

There have been electrical issues with the automatic sliding doors, and currently the DVD player motor is running & running, and won't turn off.

We have had a bit of slippage concerning us with the transmission, but after servicing it's running fine.

Biggest disappointment was Saturn going under. The value dropped immediately and resale will probably be impossible. So we plan to drive it til it drops.

2nd biggest disappointment was the interior leather seats & armrests decaying after the first year. Never had a car interior fall apart like this. I've driven cars 10 years that held up better.

General Comments:

The car is very comfortable, and was purchased partially because of the generous leg room in the back, which was needed for tall teenagers.

We liked the overhead rail system and all the hideaway compartments.

Car has remained quiet to drive and handles well.

Great for long trips. Lots of clever cargo space and people space. Good stereo system.

Gas performance is good, but not great.

If GM had not have sunk Saturn, we may have traded in for a newer model.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? No

Review Date: 12th July, 2010