24th Oct 2004, 02:39

First off for whoever started this I don't know if you bought your car new or used... but if you bought it new you have every right to be upset, theres always a few bad cars out there everyone has them Ford GM Chrysler anyone you ask can complain about any car.

If you bought it used however even if it did have a reasonably small amount of miles on it... it dosent mean it wasnt beat within an inch of its life during thouse miles.

3 of my close friends have all owned Saturn's and they have all been amazing cars.

A 95 Saturn that was rolled twice and totaled by an insurance company.. bought back and beat for another 50thousand miles with no problems besides cosmetics.

A 94 with an abused 100thousand on it that ran amazing and finally died from a tractor trailer falling on it.

And a 2000 that runs amazing.

So far the worst thing I have seen happen was to the 2000, doing 75 on the highway a loud bang was heard and the car stopped dead... towed it back to the garage to find that the differential like someone had mentioned earlier threw a pin holding the diff together... one spider gear flew through the outside of the housing the other flew through the inside and lodged itself into the torque converter.

Anyway ill stop now this is already more than needs to be typed, all in all my opinion they are a great car don't let 1 bad car turn you against a good company remember everyone makes mistakes.

14th May 2007, 21:57

My Mother bought a 1994 SC2. The next day, it wouldn't start. It ran fine the day before. We knew the battery was new, and there was a huge bulge in the side of it. We replaced it, and it still wouldn't start. She had to have it towed away. The mechanic said it was the connector wires. It didn't last two weeks before thermostat went bad. she had the thermostat replaced, and that didn't help. then a guy that is ASE certified that my mother trusts said it was the heater core. he fixed it for a hundred bucks. A job like that usually costs thousands! Its runs great now that it has actually been fixed. I'm saying this knowing she has outrun a few firebirds with it.

24th Oct 2011, 09:01

I have driven a Saturn SC2 for about 9 years now. It has over 191k miles on it, but finally it won't go into reverse. I am not sure if I am going to get it fixed, but except for the very cheap parts inside (seat adjusters break, sunroof went very quickly) it was a half decent car. I got 265k out of an 87 Fiero, and the only thing wrong with that was the alternator, so not as good as a Pontiac, but still OK I suppose. I have driven it repeatedly on 6 inches of unplowed snow with no problems up hills.

It's sporty looking, and I ADORE the third door. If you are into an older car with some novelty, it's a nice thing to own.