2006 Saturn Sky 2.4 Litre from North America




Nothing has gone wrong, however the car rides so low that the front spoiler and mud flaps will hit all the speed bumps. The spoiler has been repainted once.

General Comments:

This car is very nimble in the curves. I recently out ran a group of motorcycles in the twisty mountains of Oregon.

The car is devoid of any storage room, with a paltry two cubic feet with the top down.

We purchased every option available, our favorite is the monsoon audio system. It gives a very nice back massage to the passenger seat on the highway.

The looks you get in this car are unmistakable at 30K. People have followed us into parking lots to ask what kind of car we have.

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Review Date: 7th February, 2007

8th Feb 2007, 10:41

I viewed a dealership demo. I must confess I have not and will not own this model.

The front grille was loose and made out of bad plastic. Just grab it and move your hand - you can see it move.

Interior door panels atrocious. When touched, they retract. I'm being very serious - I've seen several AMC Gremlins and the interior fit and finish were BETTER on those!

Side marker light on the wheel well did not match up with the rest of the panels.

Antenna unscrewed halfways off - what happens when the car is used and the antenna is more worn-down? It'll probably fly off on the freeway. It shouldn't be THIS easy to loosen it when it's this new.

Plastic around the gear shift unbelievably cheap and frail.

Frayed string coming off the insignia on the drivers seat.

I also test-drove an Ion demo with 500 miles. The interior plastic on the roof pillar was already badly warped out of shape.

Saturn is cutting too many corners. The materials are cheap. When new, these cars look like they're 5 years old. I don't expect a long life span from them. I'd feel more confident in a Trabant.