1994 Saturn SL from North America


A reliable car


Alternator failed at 150,000.

General Comments:

This car is the most reliable car I have owned yet. Almost 200,000 miles without any major repairs needed.

The car is what it is, a cheap reliable compact sedan.

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Review Date: 2nd December, 2003

1994 Saturn SL 4 cylinder 1.9L from North America


Reliability for a bargain


I have only had this car for a few months, but nothing has went wrong yet.

General Comments:

I have to say this car has been very reliable. I've had a Dodge Dynasty, Toyota Tercel, and a Pontiac Bonneville. These cars have often left me stranded. My 94 Saturn SL has yet to do me wrong. The car is purring at its miles. My 5 speed Saturn doesn't have good acceleration, but is probably better than an automatic. It is a small car and fits better for 1-3 people.

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Review Date: 21st November, 2003

1994 Saturn SL SL2 from North America


I should have never bought this car


When I first drove this car before I bought it, nothing was wrong.

After about two weeks of owning it I noticed that it began to shift funny. I found out that the previous owner had just replaced a transmission chip for the same problem. First expense: $500.

Then the car started to over heat without the air conditioning on, I was even on the highway. Had to replace the temperature gage. The car still has a problem with overheating. We think is it the fan sensor.

Then the belt began to squeak, we replaced the belt, but that didn't fix the problem, so we had to buy a belt tensioner.

The driver's side door leaks very bad. Even 15 minutes worth of driving when it's sprinkling, my left arm becomes soaked. And then when I'm not driving, the seat is very wet, which in turn makes the whole car smell horrible.

General Comments:

I still have many problems with the car that I have not even fixed yet. For example: the overheating, the leaking window, and now I have some sort of clanking under the hood.

Before this car I had a 1989 Jimmy. I never had any problems with that SUV.

I got rid of the Jimmy and bought the Saturn because of the rise in gas prices. I needed a gas saving vehicle.

Even though I'm saving on gas, the small room in the car, and the many problems I've had with this car make it not worth while.

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Review Date: 28th September, 2003

24th Mar 2005, 20:49

I have a saturn and it runns just fine :)

24th Apr 2006, 01:31

Over heating is usually a condition of the radiator or thermostat, not the things that you replaced.

As for the leaking, check the rubber gasket around the door, they do seem to be laid out in a rather silly fashion.

1994 Saturn SL -1 1.9 single overhead cam from North America


The base Saturn is a great buy for the money and is very economical to run


The motor spun the number 1 main bearing for no apparent reason. It didn't damage the crank and was repaired by myself fairly reasonably. This is the only thing I have had go wrong with this car in the entire time I have owned it.

General Comments:

The car performs decent with the manual transmission and offers great gas mileage. We average 42 MPG and have had as high as 49 on trips.

We absolutely love our Saturn and in fact we are buying a newer Saturn tomorrow.

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Review Date: 29th June, 2003

1994 Saturn SL SOHC from North America


You get what you pay for, which is not much


I blow a minor engine gasket at least every 5000 miles.

Power steering pump is leaking.

Valve shaft came loose at 30000 miles.

Difficult to keep fluids in this car.

Stock tires are terrible and have been replaced with Pirelli tires for much better handling.

Braking is grabby and uneven.

General Comments:

This car has been cheap to drive and relatively reliable.

Seats are very uncomfortable and put driver in a bad seating position for driving and sitting with knees higher than hip joint.

Definitely not recommended for people with back injuries.

This car is good for teenagers, college students, and other people who have very little cash and would be happy with any car that runs.

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Review Date: 16th June, 2003