1994 Saturn SL SL2 from North America


Great reliability and runs great!


Had to replace alternator.

Windows used to leak, haven't noticed it in a while though.

General Comments:

Car is quick and zippy.

I'm 6'2 240 lbs and I can drive this for miles and be fine and comfortable.

Runs fine, and has good handling.

Has great gas mileage.

Would recommend this car to anyone!

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Review Date: 14th December, 2005

1994 Saturn SL 1.9L 4 cylinder from North America


My best bang for my buck


This Saturn has 377,000 Km's on it! The brakes are not in good shape at all (front) they will need replacing immediately. Various dash lights are non functional. Various components of the interior are seperating. There seems to be a problem with water leakage from the door seals in heavy rain. The cooling fan is rigged with a toggle switch to keep it on all the time I guess (l0l) The radiator is new in it, and the previous owner says the engine is a rebuilt one.

General Comments:

I was truly amazed at how good this car looked, and drove for having almost 400K km's on it when purchased (today) The brakes need fixing, but hey, it cost me 600$ CA to purchase this thing.

The seats are not the most comfortable, they seem rather narrow. The car has a style that looks rather new, and with no rust on the exterior, it looks like a fairly recent car model. I'm just praying the engine doesn't let me down, and it lasts me a year lol. I will have to spend some money on the brakes, but that's about it so far :)

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Review Date: 10th October, 2005

1994 Saturn SL SL2 Twin Cam from North America


Built to last by Dedicated Tennessee Craftsmen!


Sunroof mechanism failed at 90k miles, replaced. Second sunroof machanism failed at 180k miles. Glued sunroof shut. Too bad, loved to open it on spring days, it will be missed, but don't want to spend $500 on another mechanism at this mileage!

Normal clutch, brake, tuneup, etc. Reasonable service life from parts.

Driver side window actuator failed at 100k miles, replaced. New one is now getting cantankerous... Will stop part way up at times on a hot day. Wait a few minutes and try it again, and the window goes up again!

Sunroof mechanism failure #2 caused a large leak, creating a major flooding event and headliner separation. Gluing the sunroof shut fixed the leaks!

Shifter cables failed at 125k miles.

Original engine cooling fan motor just failed yesterday at 210k miles.

Steering wheel is plastic glued onto metal. Heat and sun has taken a toll on the glue, so it squirms around at the top 1/4 of the wheel. I have worn the plastic down at the 9 o'clock position with my wedding ring in spirited driving... starting to shed little bits of black rubber. Steering wheel cover should fix this issue!

A/C motor blower somehow gathers leaves and trash, can't figure out how it ingests the hubris. Needs cleaning every year, easy to do yourself.

Very minor issues overall, quite amazingly good service for an AMERICAN CAR! This is the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned over my 40 years of driving.

General Comments:

Superior service and reliability for an extended period of time. Still no rattles! Exterior paint on fenders still shines and not one ding (love the plastic panels!) Bought new with 131 miles in May of 1994. Keep maintaining this machine and it seems to want to live forever!

Great handling, and although it has lost some compression, still good performance. It's fun to squirt around traffic in this car, and the close ratio gearing is perfect for the engine power band, although the synchronizer for 2nd gear is getting worn and gaunches on spirited upshifting.

Pedal placement perfect for heel and toe operation. Wish I had bought the ABS option with the 4 wheel disc brakes, as the rear drums do fade quickly while trying to outbrake other commuters onto the freeway on ramps!

Instruments legibility and design is perfect, radio still sounds good after all these years. Interior fit quality still good! The seat cushions still are cushions!

No major engine work yet at 210k miles, still original rings and cam chain (beats my old Chevy with the rubber belt).

I feel as though I have a good friend in my SL2. It fits like that favorite pair of jeans and has never lets me down. Sadly, I need a larger vehicle. I am gladly handing my beloved SL2 to my teenage daughter for her use. Her first car. I hope to see it hit 300k miles...

And yes, the dealership still lets me drive through the car wash for free!

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Review Date: 30th June, 2005