30th Mar 2004, 15:01

I currently have a 2002 SL2 which I purchased new in December of 2002. I have to say that over 1 year later with about 15,000 miles on it, I have not had it in the shop once. I change the oil every 3,000 miles and that is the extent of the maintenance thus far. The car does make some weird noises that Saturn has informed me are design flaws, but on the whole I am very happy with this car. My previous car was a 95 Saturn SC2 that I bought with 20,000 miles on it. that car also worked great up until the time I bought my new one, when It would have needed some major repairs to keep it running safe. I think Saturn is a great car if you do not want to spend a lot of money and my next car will probably also be a Saturn.

20th Jun 2005, 14:33

I cannot take issue with people who have had problems with their Saturns, but I must join the short list of folks who have not. Well, with one exception: That headliner thing! I have a 1993 SL1, bought new, over 100 thousand miles, no mechanical problems at all. It does *not* burn oil, and the air conditioning is super cold, which is a total requirement here in Houston. However, the headliner started to disintegrate about 5 years ago. That is pretty sad when you consider that there are 1953 Chevys running around with stock headliners still in service.

26th Apr 2007, 14:35

My 1993 SL2 has always overheated since the day I got it. I have had to replace the clutch, transmission, starter (s), generator (s), belt (s) -- numerous batteries, poor electrical, window ratchet broke, door won't open on rear driver side, burns oil like there will be no tomorrow... you name it, it has gone wrong with this car. I did not feel at my income that it was a cheap car, and it certainly has turned out to be expensive... not to mention the rentals I need to have to continue getting to work in order to earn the money for the current repair. Now it won't pass CA smog... and yes, the catalytic converter was replaced and the replacement was not the cheaper, two year max-model...Saturn, you live up to your planetary designator... remover of much (money). Yikes!

15th May 2007, 12:00

I have a '93 SL2 DOHC:

Car burns a couple quarts of oil between changes

Roof leaks when it has been raining for a while

Drivers side auto seatbelt moves slowly

The plastic trim that extends around the top of the driver and passenger doors and down the pillar next to the front windshield flaps loosely. The mounting clips are all broken.

I recently replaced the alternator and clutch. It is to be expected given that the car has over 200,000 km. However, any repair that is expensive will likely exceed the total value of the car and is debatable whether a monthly car payment for a new car is more worth while.

Having said all that, the car is fun to drive and the engine still has decent power and fuel economy.


18th Jun 2007, 01:28

I have a 93 Saturn SL and have had no major issues with mine burning oil at 176,000 miles. Yes, headiners are a issue with the 90's Saturn, I agree. Mine fell down as well however I replaced it myself. If you see in Ohio how teenagers drive Saturns, you would understand why used Saturns have problems. Advice to teenagers; "It is not a race car, don't treat it like one". I don't know if its something they put in the water here or what, but they try to race these cars from light to light. Saturns, like many other cars are made as means of transpotation, Nothing else. As for problems with Saturn's owners that had major problems with their Saturn's from brand new. Chalk it up too bad luck I guess.

23rd May 2008, 13:12

The 1992 and 1993 Saturns were problematic. They are, and have been one of the best built vehicles for a while now. Finally had something go wrong with my 2002 SL2, it was the oxygen sensor. Fixed it myself. 37 MPG, great car. Paid $10,000 with a 100,000 mile warranty when it was 2 years old. Will buy another.

14th Jul 2008, 23:15

In 1992 we waited in line to buy SL2.

Had the typical alternator problem. But drove the car till 2002, 153,000 miles "NO Problems".

It is not a race car, people drive them hard. I sold the car for $1100.00 and people were coming in droves to buy it.

In March 2008, I bought a 1993 SW2 68,000, Tranny flush /filter,oil change. You have to do Maintenance on these cars. And most people "BLOW them up not checking the fluids! I put Oil pressure gages on my cars. I recommend it.

25th Sep 2008, 11:47

My son gave me a 93 Saturn SL, he said he had done too many repairs on it and bought something else. I used it mainly as a second "beater car" but when it would turn over and not start I took it in to my mechanic, he said the fuel pump was bad. Cost for part and labor was going to be $625.00. Also, the windshield is badly cracked so I priced that and the best I could do was $630.00 installed. The car seems to run strong but looks real ruff so I don't think it is worth all the fixing it needs. I don't think I would buy a Saturn unless I could afford to buy newer than 2004.

20th Oct 2008, 22:07

OK, so I have heard so many bad things about the 90's Saturn models, the SC and SL, well here is my story!

I am on my second 1992 Saturn, my first was an SC2 and my current is an SL2, My current Saturn has 283,000 miles!!! I have changed brake pads normally, struts, an EGR valve and EGR valve solenoid and that is it!!

I have to say you really must have the dual overhead cam engine to get this kind of luck I guess.

As for those complaining about a headliner... These things are glued on and heat dries up glue eventually! I went to a department store and found the exact same color and material for 4.00 a yard, and bought two yards and a can of super strong spray adhesive and changed it in a matter of 2 hours or less. Problem solved!

I would advise taking any used car to a mechanic and having it checked, if the dealer says no, you say no to the sale cause they are hiding something!

I bought my second Saturn on the side of the road for 400.00 with around 185,000 miles, and I have put about 90,000 or so miles on it with only the work I previously mentioned. My SL2 has all power options with cruise and ABS, and I have not had ANY electrical problems, leaks, no oil burning whatsoever.

People, TAKE CARE of your cars if you want them to take care of you! They are only as good as you treat them!

My last Saturn had over 340,000 miles on it when the clutch went out on a trip and I sold it to someone in the area for 1,000 dollars! I would not hesitate to get in my Saturn tomorrow and head to California from Maine! Cars rust out quickly and bad from salt and calcium in Maine, but not my fiberglass Saturn! My mechanic could not believe the excellent condition of my 92 when I went in for yearly inspection.

Todays Saturns unfortunately are butt ugly and I will not buy a new one, but I will continue to look for 90's models in as good a shape as mine!

My air conditioning will make ice cubes inside, and I add one can of freon a year. Love my Saturns and my Saturns love me!

9th Dec 2008, 16:30

Saturn is a General Motors car similar to Chevy:

This is really funny. The kid got 179,000 miles out of his car and is trashing Saturn.

I have 4 Saturns in my family, all have over 100,000 miles. I take care of the maintenance on ALL of them and never had any of them leave me on the side of the road.

BIG problem everyone has with them:


Take your time getting up to speed. Chew that one up next time you get a Saturn.

21st Feb 2009, 10:29

I have a 1993 Saturn SL2. The gas gauge works accurately until it reaches the half tank mark. At which point the gauge falls all the way to empty. That concerned me at first till I found out that I still would have five to seven gallons gas left when refilled. Then the trip meter and mileage meter went out. Now it's a guess. Not a problem, I love my Saturn.

10th Jun 2009, 09:14

I bought my 93 SL2 in 94 and I had the clutch replaced in 97, alternator in 04, and ball joints in 08. And in 05 my odometer went out at 166000 miles, gas gauge is screwed but I will not replace them.

Overall I have spent less than $2500 from 94 to 09, so I can't complain at all.

Some of you guys need to get the cars checked before you buy them. I know I won't buy a GT Mustang with 80000 miles from a 18 year old kid or a young lady, cause one will be racing it, and the other will gas up and go, and never check anything on it.