21st Dec 2003, 00:56

I have recently purchased a 1995 Saturn SL2 Twin Cam, with 138,000 miles. At first it drove and sounded like a great car, but about 500 miles after I got it things went from bad to worst. This is the first time that I have owned an automatic transmission, and so far I don't like it. After failing to go into gear and sometimes skipping gears while in drive, I changed out the transmission fluid and filter. After doing so, the transmission worked fine, and I was happy about that.

Now, that the trans is fixed, the engine started this knocking/rattling sound, on the passenger side (I think, it's hard to listen to the engine closely, and stay on the road). After 2 oil changes myself, in the last 300 miles the knocking still occurs. Along with the oil disappearing, it's not buring or leaking, but it has to go somewhere, right? I have been looking on-line at other Saturn forums and its come to my attention that my car is not the only one doing this.

One week worth of researching things look to be dismissed by Saturn. Poor customer service, having to pay for things under warranty, and with so many problems occurring all over the country, why won't Saturn do anything about it. I feel like these problems are being "swept under the rug". I, along with many others don't have $1,800-$6,000 dollars to replace parts over and over again. I wish that there was something to be done about this, but that's the perks of big corporations like that, they have power. I've heard about saftey recalls and service bulletins, but if anyone has information about these safety concerns about an 1995 SL2 Twin Cam, please email me the facts to, TexasBorn1203@aol.com It will be very appreciated.

Thanks for reading.


Wichita Falls, Texas

11th Sep 2007, 09:22

The mystery of the vanishing oil may be close by, check the radiator. My antifreeze is full of oil. Hopefully its only the head gasket, but with aluminum head and block I don't know. Parts are cheap if you do it yourself and its still a nice car, the air still works.