10th Mar 2005, 20:21

I was noting the power mirror option among the list of other power accessories. It is common to list them this way.

14th Jul 2006, 14:26

Update: 100,000 miles. We took the car to the dealer for the 100,000 mile service and they told us that it needed a new valve cover gasket and a new ignition harness for $280. We passed on having this done at the dealer, brought it home, and replaced these items for about $35 in parts from Autozone. This only took about an hour to do. The valve cover gasket is actually not a gasket, but rather a silicone sealant that is sprayed on at the factory to reduce costs. It's not a bad design, but it should be noted that it breaks down around the spark plugs and leaks oil onto the harness. The car was still running perfectly, even with all the oil down around the spark plug. The way the car is driven, it is going to wear out cosmetically long before it will wear out mechanically.

7th Jan 2007, 10:37

Update: 105,000 miles. We went with my grandmother recently and picked out a new 2007 Honda Accord EX-L for her and said farewell to the Saturn. The Saturn was still in good order mechanically, but the car was getting a bit dull cosmetically. Also, the power windows had become somewhat temperamental as they would refuse to work in extremely hot or cold temperatures. The odometer had also seized up. There were not any major problems, but little things were adding up that were more of an annoyance than anything since she lives and hour-and-a-half from her Saturn dealer which was the only worthwhile place that would touch the car. We received the private party price from the dealer instead of the low trade-in value. We also got an additional $2,400 discount on the Accord as it was the end of the year and they had a large inventory to shake. The Saturn was one of the rare cars that I can say the owner got their money's worth as my grandmother drove it for 13 trouble-free years and did not have to pour large amounts of money into it.

12th Mar 2007, 13:08

Oh wow, best of luck with the Honda. 105K miles is nothing on a Saturn..

21st Mar 2007, 18:32

I own a 95 Saturn sl2 twin cam. She is at 274,000km and she still kicks like a beast.